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Pixies ‘Acoustic & Electric Live’ Blu-ray to combine ‘Newport,’ ‘Paradise’ DVDs

Pixies, 'Acoustic & Electric Live'

The Pixies will reissue two post-reunion concert DVDs — “Acoustic: Live in Newport” and “Live at the Paradise in Boston” — on a single Blu-ray disc this summer, bringing together 63 songs over three separate concerts spanning more than 20 years.

Due out Aug. 23 from Eagle Rock Entertainment, the combined Blu-ray — entitled “Acoustic & Electric Live” — includes the band’s 22-song acoustic set from the 2005 Newport Folk Festival, as well as a 29-song electric set from a Boston club the year earlier during the initial phase of its reunion (see full tracklist and video samples below).

Like the original “Live at the Paradise in Boston” DVD, the new Blu-ray also features, among other bonus material, “original home movie footage” of a dozen songs filmed during a Pixies concert at TT The Bear’s in Boston in October 1986.

See full tracklist for Pixies ‘Acoustic & Electric Live’ Blu-ray after the jump…

Tracklist: Pixies, “Acoustic & Electric Live”

Acoustic: Live In Newport
1. “Bone Machine”
2. “Cactus”
3. “Ed Is Dead”
4. “All Around The World”
5. “Subbacultcha”
6. “Monkey Gone To Heaven”
7. “Is She Weird”
8. “Here Comes Your Man”
9. “River Euphrates”
10. “Velouria”
11. “Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)”
12. “I Bleed”
13. “Crackity Jones”
14. “Gouge Away”
15. “Hey”
16. “The Holiday Song”
17. “Nimrod’s Son”
18. “Mr. Grieves”
19. “Caribou”
20. “Vamos”
21. “Where Is My Mind?”
22. “Gigantic”

Electric: Live at the Paradise in Boston
1. “La La Love You”
2. “Winterlong”
3. “Into The White”
4. “Vamos”
5. “All Around The World”
6. “Mr. Grieves”
7. “Nimrod’s Son”
8. “In Heaven”
9. “Where Is My Mind?”
10. “Gouge Away”
11. “Something Against You”
12. “Dead”
13. “Isla De Encarta”
14. “Crackity Jones”
15. “Monkey Gone To Heaven”
16. “Wave Of Mutilation”
17. “Subbacultcha”
18. “Planet Of Sound”
19. “Bone Machine”
20. “River Euphrates”
21. “Alison”
22. “Sad Punk”
23. “U-MASS”
24. “Broken Face”
25. “Debaser”
26. “Tame”
27. “Gigantic”
28. “Hey”
29. “Caribou”

Bonus: Live at TT The Bear’s
1. “The Holiday Song”
2. “I’m Amazed”
3. “Rock A My Soul”
4. “Broken Face”
5. “I’ve Been Tired”
6. “Caribou”
7. “Isla De Encanta”
8. “Nimrod’s Son”
9. “Ed Is Dead”
10. “Build High”
11. “Boom Chickaboom”
12. “Down To The Well”



  1. 1. The pixies should never have reunited for this pointless comeback. it’ obvious that they pretty much dislike each other and feel pretty much done with the whole band thing.

    2. They canceled a show in Israel, which was sold out 6 months in advance (15,000 people) solely based on media coverage of the situation in Israel, days prior to the show. no official apology was given by the band , only by their management.

    3. This group of people, as a band have one purpose, and one purpose only : make money. this explains all the dvds, reissues and such.

    4. I personally wouldn’t give them my money.

  2. crack crackity jones

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