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Propaganda’s ‘A Secret Wish’ to be reissued in 2CD set with 20-minute mix of ‘Duel’


The highly influential debut album from German synthpop outfit Propaganda — 1985’s A Secret Wish — will be reissued yet again later this month, this time appearing in a 25th anniversary 2CD edition featuring six previously unreleased tracks plus the rare 20-minute cassette mix of “Duel.”

Due out July 19 in the U.K. on ZTT Records, the deluxe edition of A Secret Wish features the original nine-track album plus six cassette- and vinyl-only mixes on one disc, and a second disc with 11 more tracks, including previously unreleased mixes of “Dr. Mabuse” and “Sorry for Laughing” by label chiefs Trevor Horn and Paul Morley, respectively.

The highlight for collectors may be the first-ever appearance on CD of the contents of the 1985 “Do Well” tape, the cassette “singlette” version of “Duel” — the band’s sophomore single — that featured a 20-minute mix on each side that included “The First Cut,” “Duel,” “Jewel (Cut Rough),” “Wonder” and “Bejewelled” (see full tracklist below).

Released in July 1985, A Secret Wish has been cited as an inspiration by Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore, and generated the hit singles “Duel,” “p:Machinery” and “Dr. Mabuse,” the latter of which was included in John Hughes’ film “Some Kind of Wonderful” — and was accompanied by one of Anton Corbijn’s first music videos.

See ‘A Secret Wish’ tracklist and music videos below…

Propaganda, 'A Secret Wish: Deluxe Edition'

Tracklist: Propaganda, A Secret Wish: Deluxe Edition

Disc 1: The Dark Religions Depart…
1. “Dream Within A Dream”
2. “The Murder Of Love”
3. “Jewel”
4. “Duel”
5. “Frozen Faces”
6. “p:Machinery”
7. “Sorry For Laughing”
8. “The Chase”
9. “Dr. Mabuse”

The Analogue Variations:
10. “Dream Within a Dream”
11. “Jewel”
12. “Duel”
13. “p:Machinery”
14. “Dr. Mabuse (First Life)”
15. “The Last Word (Strength to Dream)”

Disc 2: …And Sweet Science Reigns
1. “Do Well”: (i) “The First Cut,” (ii) “Duel,” (iii) “Jewel (Cut Rough),” (iv) “Wonder,”
(v) “Bejewelled” *
2. “Testament One” **
3. “die Tausend Augen des Mabuse” (Ridge Farm 12″ Remix of Mabuse, May 1984) **
4. “Sorry for Laughing” (Unapologetic 12” Remix, September 1985) **
5. “Thought” (part i)
6. “Thought” (part ii)
7. “p:Machinery” (outtake 26.04.85, Goodnight 32) **
8. “The Chase” (outtake 26.04.85, the Goodnight Mix) **
9. “(Echo of…) Frozen Faces”
10. “p:Machinery” (p:Polish)
11. “Testament Three” **

* Previously unreleased on CD
** Previously unreleased

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  1. I agree A Secret Wish has been very influential, but actually I think Martin Gore was referring to the album Propaganda by the band Sparks.

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