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Gary Numan + Tubeway Army ’78/79 Box Set’ collects first 3 albums on remastered vinyl

Gary Numan and Tubeway Army, '78/79 Box Set'

Reissue imprint Vinyl 180 is prepping an ultra-limited four-record box set that collects remastered editions of the first three albums by Gary Numan and Tubeway Army — as well as an LP stocked with era-specific demos and rarities called The Plan — on high-quality, 180-gram vinyl.

Entitled 78/79 Box Set and limited to 500 copies, the new collection is due out Monday in the U.K. and Aug. 10 in the U.S. It features 1978’s Tubeway Army on blue vinyl to mimic its original run, 1979’s Replicas (which was later credited to Numan and Tubeway Army) and The Pleasure Principle, also released in 1979, and credited solely to Numan.

The set is accompanied by The Plan, a 15-track LP featuring demos and rarities from the 1978-79 era, although it has a different tracklist and cover art than either the 1984 compilation of the same name, or its 1999 expanded CD reissue (see full tracklist below).

Vinyl 180 is also selling a version of the box set without Replicas and The Pleasure Principle so fans who purchased those recently reissued LPs can complete the collection without having to repurchase those two records.

The new box set comes in advance of Numan’s planned fall tour of the North America, during which he’ll play The Pleasure Principle in its entirety at 15 concerts, including a Chicago date with Recoil, featuring former Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder.

See tracklist for Gary Numan’s ’78/79 Box Set’ after the jump…

Tracklist: Gary Numan and Tubeway Army, 78/79 Box Set

Disc 1: Tubeway Army
1. “Listen to the Sirens”
2. “My Shadow in Vain”
3. “Life Machine”
4. “Friends”
5. “Something’s in the House”
6. “Everyday I Die”
7. “Steel and You”
8. “My Love Is a Liquid”
9. “Are You Real?”
10. “Dream Police”
11. “Jo the Waiter”
12. “Zero Bars (Mr. Smith)”

Disc 2: Replicas
1. “Replicas Me! I Disconnect from You”
2. “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?”
3. “Machman”
4. “Praying to the Aliens”
5. “Down in the Park”
6. “You Are in My Vision”
7. “Replicas”
8. “It Must Have Been Years”
9. “When the Machines Rock”
10. “I Nearly Married a Human”

Disc 3: The Pleasure Principle
1. “The Pleasure Principle Airplane”
2. “Metal”
3. “Complex”
4. “Films”
5. “M.E.”
6. “Tracks”
7. “Observer”
8. “Conversation”
9. “Cars”
10. “Engineers”

Disc 4: The Plan
1. “The Plan Bombers”
2. “My Shadow In Vain”
3. “This Machine”
4. “Thoughts No. 2”
5. “Something’s In The House”
6. “Check It”
7. “The Monday Troop”
8. “This Is My Life”
9. “Mean Street”
10. “Ice”
11. “Crime Of Passion”
12. “The Life Machine”
13. “Critics”
14. “Do Your Best”
15. “Basic J”



  1. lee mcfadden

    “Replicas” was credited solely to Tubeway Army on it’s original release – it wasn’t until later reissues that the credit changed to include Gary Numan.

  2. i received the box yesterday…
    it’s really beautiful!

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