New Releases — August 9, 2010 at 6:09 am

New releases: Killing Joke and Freebass EPs, single from Tears For Fears’ Curt Smith

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Killing Joke, 'In Excelsis' EPARTIST: Killing Joke
RELEASE: Industrial Suicide
BACKSTORY: The industrial juggernaut’s reunited original lineup this week issues what appears to be its five-track In Excelsis EP — which was released online earlier this year — on CD with a different title. The disc is a teaser for the band’s upcoming album, although that, too, has changed titles, from XIII: Feast of Fools to Absolute Dissent.
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Freebass, 'Two Worlds Collide' EPARTIST: Freebass
RELEASE: Two Worlds Collide
BACKSTORY: Another EP released online earlier this year arrives on CD this week: The debut from Freebass, the  supergroup featuring bassists Peter Hook of New Order and Gary “Mani” Mounfield of The Stone Roses; while The Smiths’ Andy Rourke plays on this EP and the already released debut album, he’s not longer with the group.
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Curt Smith, 'Perfectly... StillARTIST: Curt Smith
RELEASE: “Perfectly… Still”
BACKSTORY: The Tears For Fears member this week releases the second in a series of digital singles featuring collaborations with musicians he met via social media such as Twitter. In the case of this particular track, the collaborator is Universal Hall Pass, aka a Los Angeles-based one-woman band led by Melissa Kaplan.
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