Reunions, Video — August 15, 2010 at 10:09 am

Video: The Vaselines’ ‘Sex With an X,’ title track off forthcoming sophomore album

Reformed Scottish duo The Vaselines this week issued a cheeky music video for “Sex With an X,” the title track off their upcoming sophomore album — the indie-pop group’s first record in 21 years, and only their second ever. The clip, shown above, imagines Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee having traded rock ‘n’ roll 20 years ago to become a priest and a nun — and now reuniting to tear around town in a convertible while singing lines like,  “Feels go good, it must be bad for me.”

The “Sex With an X” single will be released on 7-inch Aug. 24 by Sub Pop Records, while the full 12-track Sex With an X album is due out Sept. 14. You can download an MP3 of “Sex With an X” here, and see the album’s full tracklist here.


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