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Lol Tolhurst: The Cure’s Robert Smith at work on ‘Mixed Up,’ ‘In Orange,’ BBC sets

The Cure, circa 'Seventeen Seconds'

Last October, when Robert Smith announced this year’s deluxe 3CD reissue of Disintegration, he teased fans with ambitious plans for a whole series of Cure archival projects in 2010. Since, then however, not much has been heard about Smith’s promise to release “The Cure In Orange” on DVD, issue a box set of BBC recordings or put out an expanded edition of Mixed Up.

Yesterday, though, former Cure keyboardist Lol Tolhurst — famously sacked after the completion of Disintegration tweeted the following:Just realized looking thru my recent emails from Robert he tells me that he’s working on the Cure at the BBC and mixed up remaster..oops!,” followed by:..Not Cure In Orange as previously reported! But anyway the dvd of it should be out soon enough….”

At first blush, it’s good to hear Smith is proceeding with the reissue of the band’s 1990 remix album and compiling the promised box set of BBC live recordings. It’s a little concerning, though, to hear he’s not working on the release of “In Orange,” the band’s beloved and long-out-of-print 1987 concert film.

Luckily, we have a bit of clarification on those reissue plans from ever-reliable Cure fan site Chain of Flowers, which reports that Tolhurst appeared on the “Park Time Punks” radio show on Los Angeles’ KXLU 88.9 FM yesterday: “Lol says that Robert has promised him that ‘In Orange’ will be out on DVD in 2011. Also said that work continues on The Cure @ the BBC box set and that should also be out next year.”

More tantalizingly, Chain of Flowers continues: “(Tolhurst) also emailed Robert recently about the possibility of playing some shows together next year for the 30th anniversary of Faith, with the original lineup, and says the ball is now in Robert’s court.” An interesting proposition, particularly since Smith for years has floated the idea of performing concerts with the different lineups from each era of the Cure.



  1. Thats cool, but how about finishing and releasing the “Dark Album”

  2. Jones Foyer

    I’m stunned that Lol and Bob still have any sort of relationship after the very ugly divorce and lawsuit. But I’m also glad to hear it, because I’m sure Lol is probably much more mature and sober than he was way back, and it would be great to see him playing with Robert and Simon.

  3. all of this news brings me joy. deep, deep joy.

  4. A Faith reunion would be awesome, but I have to wonder if Lol still has the capacity to drum the way he used to.

  5. Faith live would be amazing. I wish they would take this opportunity to ditch Jason once and for all…

  6. I would like to see them do a trilogy show of 17 seconds, Faith, and Pornography with Tolhurst…

    Next year might be a good time to do it, we’ll see.

  7. Andrew – I agree, lets get to this lineup:

    Robert Smith: Vocals, Guitairs
    Simon Gallup: Bass
    Porl Thompson: Guitars, Keys
    Lol Tolhurst: Drums

    A classic line-up which would be brilliant to see live.

  8. Why would Robert bother with Mixed Up? The die hard fans were none to pleased with it at the time, and I am still not. I do enjoy Never Enough, but the rest was dross. A seventeen seconds, faith, pornography tour would be fucking brilliant. And yeah, Robert and Lol have been on good terms for quite a while now.

  9. Kent Butabi

    It’s disappointing to me that RSX doesn’t have at least one or two remastered collections in the bag already. At this rate we won’t have WISH until 2013.

    GIVE ME IT!!!

  10. A Seventeen Seconds, Faith, & Pornography trilogy tour or live DVD with Lol would be great, but then bring back Boris on drums!

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