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The Jam’s ‘Sound Affects: Deluxe Edition’ to feature 8 previously unreleased tracks

The Jam

The fifth album from The Jam — 1980’s Sound Affects, home to U.K. No. 1 single “Start!” and the classic “That’s Entertainment” — is set to be reissued this fall as a 30th anniversary double-disc Deluxe Edition featuring 22 bonus tracks, eight of which are previously unreleased.

Due out Nov. 1 on Universal in the U.K., the new set features a digitally remastered version of the 11-track album on the first disc (using the original U.K. running order, with “Start!” as the fifth song, not the first, as it was in the U.S.), plus a second disc with 21 or 22 “demos, b-sides and alternative versions” (the product description from Universal says 22, while the tracklist at only shows 21).

Of the material on the bonus disc, much of it appears to have been previously collected on 1992’s Extras compilation and the 1997 box set Direction Reaction Creation. Eight tracks, however, are previously unreleased: demos of “Pretty Green” and “Start!,” alternate versions of “Set the House Ablaze” and “Monday,” a cover of The Kinks’ “Waterloo Sunset” and two instrumental demos (see full tracklist below).

The set also features a 24-page booklet with extensive new sleevenotes by rock writer John Harris and a brand-new interview with frontman Paul Weller — who reunited with former Jam bandmate Bruce Foxton on stage in London this past May for the first time since 1982 — as well as rare photos and “period memorabilia.”

See full ‘Sound Affects: Deluxe Edition’ tracklist after the jump…

The Jam, 'Sound Affects'

Tracklist: The Jam, Sound Affects: Deluxe Edition

1. “Pretty Green”
2. “Monday”
3. “But I’m Different Now”
4. “Set The House Ablaze”
5. “Start!”
6. “That’s Entertainment”
7. “Dream Time”
8. “Man In The Corner Shop”
9. “Music For The Last Couple”
10. “Boy About Town”
11. “Scrape Away”

1. “Start!”
2. “Liza Radley”
3. “That’s Entertainment”
4. “Pretty Green”
5. “Pop Art Poem”
6. “Rain”
7. “Boy About Town”
8. “Dream Time”
9. “Dead End Street”
10. “But I’m Different Now”
11. “Scrapeaway”
12. “Start!”
13. “Liza Radley”
14. “And Your Bird Can Sing”
15. “Monday”
16. “Get Yourself Together”
17. “Set The House Ablaze”
18. “Boy About Town”
19. “No One In The World”
20. “Instrumental”
21. “Waterloo Sunset”



  1. Nice! I shall obtain this!

  2. I will as well, making it the fourth version I have of this material. You know that show – Hoarders? They should make one about music completists. It’s a serious problem, just ask my wife.

  3. I will procure as well. My favorite Jam album by far.

  4. Wonder why All Mod Cons and now this have been reissued but Setting Sons hasn’t

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