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The Wedding Present releases ‘Bizarro: Live in Tokyo 2010,’ preps ‘Live 1989’ reissue

The Wedding Present

Fans of The Wedding Present have two new live collections to look forward to this fall: Bizarro: Live in Tokyo 2010, a download-only full-album performance of the band’s 1989 album; and Live 1989, a 2CD reissue of two of the cassettes the band sold at concerts and through its fanzine in the late ’80s.

The 10-track Bizarro: Live in Tokyo 2010 — released this week exclusively via  iTunes — was recorded at the band’s May 7 concert at the Shibuya O-West in Tokyo, Japan. The set features a front-to-back performance of Bizarro, part of David Gedge and Co.’s ongoing 21st anniversary celebration of the band’s sophomore album.

The Wedding Present this week also announced the release of Live 1989, the third in the band’s series of reissues of the “live tapes” it sold at gigs; Live 1987 was released in 2007 and Live 1988 came out in April. The new set chronicles concerts performed in Frankfurt, Germany, and Manchester, England — the latter of which consists of the Wedding Present playing Ukrainian folks songs (see full tracklist below).

For the Live 1989 album, however, Gedge’s label, Scopitones, has “decided not to sell the CD by mail-order from our web site for the moment and ask you to please support your local record shop and buy a copy there instead.” The digital version should be available through online outlets such as iTunes and, the band’s site says.

See full tracklists for ‘Bizarro: Live in Tokyo 2010’ and ‘Live 1989’ after the jump…

The Wedding Present, 'Bizarro: Live in Tokyo 2010'

Tracklist: The Wedding Present, Bizarro: Live in Tokyo 2010

1. “Brassneck”
2, “Crushed”
3. “No”
4. “Thanks”
5. “Kennedy”
6. “What Have I Said Now?”
7. “Granadaland”
8. “Bewitched”
9. “Take Me!”
10. “Be Honest”

The Wedding Present, 'Live 1989'

Tracklist: The Wedding Present, Live 1989

CD 1: Live at  Manchester Middleton Civic Hall
1. “Katrusya”
2. “Davni Chasy”
3. “Sertsem I Dusheyu”
4. “Oi Divchino”
5. “Vasya Vasyliok”
6. “Hude Dnipro Hude”
7. “Zavtra Ya Buda Did Nebom Chuzin”
8. “Buv Holodin, Konya Vrkraw”
9. “Vesna”
10. “Tiutiunyk”
11. “Cherez Richku, Cherez Hai”
12. “Svitit Misyats”
13. “Hopak”
14. “Verkhovyno”

CD 2: Live at Frankfurt Batschkapp
1. “Brassneck”
2. “Don’t Talk, Just Kiss”
3. “Kennedy”
4. “Granadaland”
5. “Bewitched”
6. “Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft”
7. “I’m Not Always So Stupid”
8. “Crushed”
9. “Gone”
10. “Give My Love To Kevin”
11. “My Favourite Dress”
12. “Take Me!”
13. “What Have I Said Now?”


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