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Download: Gang of Four’s ‘Never Pay for the Farm,’ off forthcoming album ‘Content’

Gang of Four

Post-punk survivors Gang of Four have unleashed the first taste of Content — the band’s first new studio album in more than 15 years — in the form of “Never Pay for the Farm.” The jagged rocker can be streamed below and downloaded from the band in exchange for an e-mail address. Written by co-founders Jon King and Andy Gill, the record will be released Jan. 25 on Yep Roc Records on CD, vinyl and as part of an “Ultimate Content Can” that includes lyrics, artwork and “vials of band members’ blood.”

DOWNLOAD: Gang of Four, “Never Pay for the Farm”

Stream Gang of Four’s ‘Never Pay for the Farm’ after the jump…



  1. reverbnation… great, another worthless site to register with. thanks, but no thanks.

  2. also find the story of how the others members quit a bit lame, considering one member wasn’t asked to take part on the new record. kinda feel like it’s gang of two too be honest. gang of four minus hugo just isn’t gang of four.

  3. Nothing much lasts forever but Go4 still hit the spot like not many others for over 30 yrs for f*ck sake and still playing . Look out for the completely wankered one on 24th in Auckland. Love you guys since B’mth ’79.
    The others smile too , thinking that their rulers know best.

  4. Not sure why rob and mike are complaining. if you heard the song, you would see that “gang of two” is still 500% better than gang of none. i’ve seen, followed and been a fan since day one. if this song is any indication of the quality of the upcoming full length release, i know that i will be thrilled. so, keep complaining and don’t give it a chance. Alan, I have tix for N.Y. show and can’t wait to see them either!

  5. I agree with Bob. I’ve missed them for a long time.
    It’s great to hear Andy Gill’s guitar playing.

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