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Contest: Win free copy of ‘The Very Very Best of Crowded House’ greatest hits CD

'The Very Very Best of Crowded House'

Today, Crowded House releases its new greatest-hits collection in the U.S., and to mark the occasion, the generous folks at EMI/Capitol are providing us with a copy of The Very Very Best of Crowded House to give away to one lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs reader.

The new 19-track best-of covers the band’s 1986 self-titled debut through 2007’s reunion album Time On Earth, featuring such favorites as “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” “Something So Strong” and “Weather With You.” You can see full details and tracklist here.

To enter, simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post — if you’re feeling inspired, tell us your favorite Crowded House song, too. As always, be sure to use a real e-mail address, since that’s how winners will be notified. We’ll accept entries — from anywhere in the world — for one week, ending at noon Eastern time Nov. 2. Good luck!

UPDATE 10/2/10: The contest is now closed. Thanks so much for all of the entries and for reading this site. It’s much, much appreciated. Unfortunately, we only had one CD to give away, so, without further ado, the randomly selected winner is: Claytonia.


  1. Awesome cover art!

    Favorite Crowded House song: Private Universe.

  2. Fall At Your Feet is the bees knees for me.

  3. I’d love to win the album :)

  4. Dave Minshull

    I love crowded house and split enz before, my favourite CH song is four seasons in one day, and seeing them play at Glastonbury in the sunshine in 2008 was one of the greatest glastonbury moments

  5. I would LOVE to win “The Very Very Best of Crowded House”. My favorite CH song is “Weather With You”.

  6. Fan of all these guys from Split Enz to Crowded House for years. ( Too many years really!)
    I love Fall At Your Feet.

  7. My favorite is “Hole in the River”.

  8. Love “don’t dream it’s over” and “Something so Strong”. remind me of high school.

  9. Love them. favorite song is Something So Strong.

  10. Cool! Thanks for the opportunity to win this Crowded House Best Of CD. Favorite Crowded House song is a draw between “Into Temptation” and “Private Universe”.

    Have a wicked awesome day!

    –Joe Mason
    Orono, ME

  11. Brenda Blackhalo

    I need a copy of that cd! I have to many favorites to name just one!

  12. Right on! My fave Crowded House is a toss between “World Where You Live” and the sublime “Distant Sun”.

    Chgo USA

  13. Weather With You was always one of my favorites. Although all of Woodface is equally memorable.

  14. My favourite CH songs are Don’t Dream It’s Over & Distant Sun. My dream is to see them live, as they’ve never come to Argentina. Have a nice day :)

  15. Dean Vaccaro

    love it all. “Four Seasons in One Day” if i had to pick a favorite right now.

  16. my favourite crowded house song is ‘mean to me’

  17. Favorite Crowded House song: “There Goes God.”

  18. So many favorites. I’d have to say “Private Universe”

  19. Eugene Unger

    My favorite is Weather With You.

  20. “Tombstone”

  21. Cool contest! I really enjoy “Chocolate Cake”.

  22. My favorite is “Tombstone.”

  23. Hm. “In the Lowlands,” and “Hole in the River,” I guess. That’s a tough decision.

  24. Fingers of Love.

  25. Not the Girl You Think You Are is my fave.

  26. Four seasons in one day. Much like the weather in the Midwest today.

  27. Thanks to the good folks @ EMI/Capitol for this opportunity. I would love to have this in my collection.

  28. Would love a copy! Weather With You makes me smile.

  29. People can narrow down a favorite? Wow. It would depend. The name of my blog comes from Distant Sun, so there’s that. And…then there’s Private Universe. Or Into Temptation. Or She Goes On that WILL be played at my funeral. Or…

  30. After twenty-mumble years of Split Enz and Crowded House fandom, I can’t pin down just one favorite song. Top contenders would be “Love This Life,” “When You Come,” “Together Alone,” “World Where You Live,” and “Whispers and Moans.” Okay, and “Into Temptation.” And some others. :-)

  31. Into temptation knowing full well the earth will rebel

  32. Whenever I fall at your feet
    And you let your tears rain down on me
    Whenever I touch your slow turning pain

    (sing along) – the finger of blame has turned upon myself….

    Jim B
    Atlanta, Ga

  33. AndyTheCureFan


  34. This is a good start to assembling a collection of the finest Finn moments!

  35. World Where You Live

  36. I was going to pick one off of Temple of Low Men but I couldn’t do it. Such an underrated album.

  37. My fave is “There Goes God”… AND they played it the last time I saw them live a couple of years ago. Amazing!!

  38. I’m amazed at all the Woodface love up in here. Awesome. I have to go along with some other people here and say “Fall at your feet”. Thanks for the blog!

  39. Declan O'Neill

    My favourite song by CH is “Into Temptation”. Neil Finn is a wonderful writer.

  40. MaxwellDemon

    I enjoy Crowded House very much. There are 7 cd’s in my collection. My favorite track by far is “Private Universe”. Thank you.

  41. Something So Strong

  42. “Something So Strong” is my personal fave.

  43. Steve in Louisville

    Great blog!

    Chocolate Cake.

  44. it’s impossible to pick a favorite. one of my favorite bands EVER.

  45. My favorite is Better be Home Soon, but I also love so many others.

  46. Rachel Byrne

    I love Crowded House, saw them in 1992, and my vary favorite song is “It’s Only Natural”. Thanks!

  47. Saw them in concert in LA in August. Consummate professionals! Current favorite song: When You Come. They have so many exquisite ones, it’s hard to pick.

  48. Don’t dream its over

  49. Fantastic! Great site…Crowded House has too many classics however Distant Sun is my fave. Cheers!

  50. Saw them live last night in the Grand Arena in Cape Town, South Africa. They were brilliantly entertaining on stage. I got a Neil Finn pick which totally made my night. Song from the night and current favorite is definitely “nails in my feet” from together alone.

  51. I agree with Amy’s choice of “Tombstone” – great tune!

    And the only thing that would make Slicing Up Eyeballs even better would be for them to mail me a free CD!


  52. Don’t Dream It’s Over is a fantastic single.

  53. Four Seasons in One Day…fantastic song.

  54. The Very Very Best of Crowded House! This would look great in my cd collection!

  55. Mary Anne Tom

    Don’t Dream It’s Over. Tragic that I missed them this summer!

  56. Interesting cover art- like it. What’s with the double “very” ?

  57. Chris D'Avanzo

    Recently won Retro 7 CD so I suspect I’m ineligible but compelled to reply regardless. Fave CH tune = Weather With You. Hard to choose but Weather With You, for some reason, still wins out…though there are a number that do nip at its heels depending on the day. You guys rock for all your giveaways, contests, and news. LOVE this site!!

  58. Thanks for the contest. There’s no way I can pick just one favorite. My wife and I had the first CH greatest hits comp, “Recurring Dream,” playing in the maternity ward when both of our daughters were born. I’d love to win this CD and start making some new memories with it!

  59. Mike LaFerney

    WOA,It’s a crowded house on this site! But like my favorite song I’m not going to dream it’s over( my chance to win)\It’s only natural-I fall at your feet-let me win, please?

  60. recently lost music folders with all mp3s from artists beginning with C and D. This would make a good starting point for replacing Crowded House…

  61. My favorite song by Crowded House is Nail In My Feet.

  62. Crowded House is one of my top two bands of all time. I started listening to them when I was in high school(20 plus years ago)because they had and still have such a great sound. They always had such unique cover art on their albums. My favorite song has got to be “Something So Strong”.CROWDED HOUSE ROCKS!

  63. Saw them once, with Richard Thompson opening, and it was marvelous….how can you choose one song from them? Would love this album.

  64. Loving the latest album.

    Favorite Track: Fall At Your Feet

  65. Right now my favorite is “I Feel Possessed” but “Don’t Dream It’s Over” has to be the best pop song ever.

  66. My favorite song is “Not the girl you think you are”
    Great song, sort-of under the radar.

  67. Weather with you

  68. There Goes God – peace to all in the coziness.

  69. I think “Fingers of Love” is my favorite, though the 9-minute version of “Private Universe” that they played live this summer in Buffalo was one of the most mind-blowing things I have ever experienced!

  70. Being a long time fan (since “Don’t dream it’s over”), it’s hard to pick just one song. Trying to avoid the obvious favourite songs of other people, I’ll select “Lester” as the favourite track, the lyrics are not that great but the tune is just lovely.

  71. Fall at Your Feet is my favorite

  72. My favorite: Private Universe. Hands down..excellent lyrics and music.

  73. Frank Patino

    Definitely, Something So Strong…

  74. Dan Matthews

    Don’t dream its over

  75. Favorite song: I Feel Possessed

    Crowded House has been my soundtrack to everything good and bad over the last 25 wonderful years, and for that I am forever grateful.

  76. Thanks for the awesome contest.
    Although I love a ton of CH, this summer i couldn’t stop listening to Saturday Sun. I was obsessed.

  77. Chocolate Cake is probably my favorite. Crowded House is also quite nice.

  78. ‘Chocolate Cake’ never gets old.

  79. FinnFan since “I Got You” but never seen Enz, CH or Finn Bros Live. Experiencing their Live8 set from Sydney as it happened over the internet sure buoyed up my summer a couple of years back! So many of their songs have aged so well, but it’s “Don’t Dream it’s Over” that always gives me the warm fuzzies!

  80. It’s hard to pick just one favorite track, but I guess it would have to be “It’s Only Natural.”

  81. Love “Distant Sun”.

  82. 11. I am haunted by waters which is why “Hole in the River” is the soundtrack of my life. How many times I’ve seen crowded house can only be compared to how many times I saw Split Enz. I Caught Neal Solo and Finn Bros solo but Crowded House has impacted me far more than any other band, starting at age 20 and taking me to 50. How can that be?

  83. Love Crowded House! Lots of great songs, but “Don’t Dream it’s Over” never gets old!

  84. I gotta go with Dont Dream its Over for my fave :)

  85. I’m always excited about a new Crowded House/Neil Finn project. Bring it on! My favourite Crowded House song is probably not on this CD: “Recurring Dream” – although didn’t make it on the last best of either (except as a title).

  86. “I Feel Possessed” is my favorite Crowded House song – hard to pick from so many songs.

  87. Time Immemorial

  88. Contest is now closed. Thanks all for entering. Winner will be announce shortly.

  89. Gotta love Crowded House. Don’t Dream It’s Over!

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