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Download: Crystal Castles featuring Robert Smith of The Cure, ‘Not In Love’

Robert Smith of The Cure

Just a few days ago, we posted news and a YouTube clip of Robert Smith of The Cure singing lead vocals on Crystal Castles’ new version of their cover of “Not In Love,” a 1984 single by long-forgotten Canadian New Wave act Platinum Blonde that the electro duo originally recorded for its second self-titled album, released earlier this year. Today, though, we can offer up a free download of the 3:46 track, which is slated to be released as a single on Dec. 6 via Fiction Records. You can stream it below and/or just download the MP3 straight from our SoundCloud player.

Download Crystal Castles and Robert Smith’s ‘Not In Love’ after the jump…

Crystal Castles (f/ Robert Smith), ‘Not In Love’ by Slicing Up Eyeballs



  1. Holy crap! I feel like I’m in 9th Grade again watching Good Rockin’ Tonite on CBC.

    • I am with you Dave! And for those of us in the know, I would hardly call Platinum Blonde “long-forgotten.” I have lots of respect for Crystal Castles giving mad props to PB! :) One of the best covers of all time! :)

  2. I LOVE IT. The best thing Robert has participated in in a long time. But, I thought Fiction records was no more??? Am I wrong?

  3. i love the original of this. not feeling this version at all however.

  4. White hot!!! I love it! Thank you thank you!!

  5. Donna Gibson

    I am totally ‘in love’ with this tune. Rob’s voice is outstanding and is perfect for an aria that is a bit mental and takes you away to a different place, mainly a clubbing happy place for me.

  6. Perhaps now as Fiction’s stock rises, Robert could buy Fiction…

  7. Waaaau….. la cancion esta genial, adoro a ROBERT SMITH juju…. gracias.

  8. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! Looking at tour dates! Philly in March of next year. I WILL be there!

  9. Oh my gosh, I don’t know which part of me is happier; early 80’s junior-high me or late-80’s high school goth me!

  10. Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you

    Danced to this on Saturday night & *needed* to have it!


  11. alejandra

    i love his voice

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