Album News — November 11, 2010 at 7:08 am

Duran Duran’s ‘All You Need Is Now’ out on iTunes in December, CD in February

Duran Duran's Roger Taylor and Andy Taylor

The new album from Duran DuranAll You Need Is Now, which Nick Rhodes declares “the best record we’ve made in over two decades” — will be released exclusively on iTunes on Dec. 21, but won’t come out on CD until February, Rhodes told on Wednesday.

The interview — reposted on the band’s site along with a photo of Roger Taylor and John Taylor wearing “Frankie Says Relax”-style T-shirts from the album’s photo shoot — also reveals that the band has extensive plans to tour: “We’re going to be touring next year for sure,” Rhodes said. “We haven’t announced anything yet, but this record is built for touring, so we’re definitely excited about that.”

Duran Duran this week unveiled the tracklist for the nine-track digital edition of the album (the CD will have 12 tracks), and announced the first single, the title track “All You Need Is Now,” will be released via iTunes on Dec. 14. So far, producer Mark Ronson has previewed two tracks, “Blame the Machines” and “Being Followed,” on his East Village Radio show. Earlier this month, the band also did announce a five-date tour of South Africa in December.

See tracklist for ‘All You Need is Now’ after the jump…

Tracklist: Duran Duran, All You Need Is Now (digital edition)

1. “All You Need Is Now”
2. “Blame The Machines”
3. “Being Followed”
4. “Leave A Light On”
5. “Safe”
6. “Girl Panic”
7. “The Man Who Stole A Leopard”
8. “Runway Runaway”
9. “Before the Rain”



  1. “the best record we’ve made in over two decades”

    Lol, that’s not say much Nick..

    Liberty – 1990; Utter garbage

    The Wedding Album – 1993; Great singles, the rest was filler

    Meddazzaland – 1997; Great album

    Pop Trash – 2000: Eh. Boring.

    Astronaut – 2004: Eh. Boring.

    Red Carpet Massacre – 2007: Garbage.

    So if this is the best album in 20 years, it should surpass Medazza which makes it worth it if that statement is true.

  2. This news is huge, especially considering DD typically take forever to release an album even after final mixing.


  3. andy hilston

    as an avid fan of the band since the new romantic days of 1981 and having heard snippets of the new album i have to commend the band and ronson on the bravery to return to the old sounds of the first 3 albums . its took decades to recapture the original sound that we the fans all loved back iiu the early 80s. obviouslly there only snippets but if this is the taster for the album then it is gonnae be a hit especially the single which ive just heard a bit of absolutely stunning, up there with ordinary world love it.


    DURAN DURAN always create great music, maybe not everybody is agree with ths afirmation, but I always get something for each album… Example After Big Thing… We got… My Antartica from Liberty, Fallen Angel (BSide), the full wedding album, Thank you, Perfect day, watching the detectives, from Thank you, Be my Icon, Who do you Yhink you are, and others for Medazzaland, Playing with Uranium, from pop trash, The Finest Hour from Astronaut and Shes too much from RCM

  5. Fantastic band, new song sounds great but I also liked RCM and everything before that. There are few bands that have continued to stir the public for over 30 years DD are one of the few.
    They are a great studio band and even better live. Long may they continue to make great music and bring happiness to millions.
    Thanks guys.

  6. All You Need Is Now, suppose to released today ? but would someone tell me where to get it ? not find it on iTunes, or Spotify

  7. OK here’s my rank ( not including Arena, Decade & Greatest ):
    Duran Duran – 5/5
    Rio – 4.5/5
    Seven & Tiger – 5/5
    Notorious 3/5
    Big Thing 5/5
    Liberty 3.5/5
    Wedding album 3.5/5
    Medazzaland 4/5
    Pop Trash 2.5/5
    Astronaut 2.5/5
    RCM 3.5/5
    Hoping this one will be 4 or 5/5. so far ( hearing some of the songs on youtube ) 4/5

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