Video — November 18, 2010 at 7:17 am

Video: New Order’s Bernard Sumner and Hot Chip, ‘Don’t Know What Love Was’

Last month, we brought you a free download of “Don’t Know What Love Was,” a new collaboration between former New Order/current Bad Lieutenant frontman Bernard Sumner, Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard of electropop act Hot Chip and DJ/producer duo Hot City commissioned by Converse shoes.

On Wednesday, Converse released a music video for the song — a clip that features a lot of stop-motion camera work, a guy apparently dressed as a shadow, a drumming monkey and a cameo by Sumner’s longtime bandmate Stephen Morris, among other things. Check it out above, and if you like the song, you can still download it here.



  1. bernard looks a little swollen these days.

  2. It really seems like Bernie is getting around a lot these days, which is awesome! The more tracks he lends his vocals to, the better!

  3. I wish he wasn’t getting around. He looks awfully grandpa-like these days.

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