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Stream: U2 & Soweto Gospel Choir, ‘Amazing Grace/Where the Streets Have No Name’


While U2 hasn’t yet unveiled the tracklist for its next fanclub CD — a set of 30 years’ worth of collaborations called U2: Duals expected early next year — the band today offered members a sneak peak in the form of “Amazing Grace/Where the Streets Have No Name,” a track featuring Bono and Co. and the Soweto Gospel Choir that was created last summer for the World Cup.

It appears, though, that the song isn’t a new recording on U2’s part; according to this Billboard article, as part of ESPN’s World Cup promos, the South African choir recorded their parts “in sync with U2’s performances” from the band’s October 2009 concert at the Rose Bowl, released on DVD this past summer. For ESPN’s commercials, footage from the U2 DVD was “spliced with the choir performing in Soweto and Johannesburg.”

A full tracklist for U2: Duals is expected in January. The collection is a follow-up to this year’s fanclub release Artificial Horizon, a disc that featured 13 remixes of the band’s latter-period work by the likes of Trent Rreznor and David Holmes. Annual membership to is $50; learn more about the fanclub offer here.

Hear U2 and the Soweto Gospel Choir after the jump…

U2 and Soweto Gospel Choir, ‘Amazing Grace/Where the Streets Have No Name’ (2010)’ by Slicing Up Eyeballs



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  2. Love this track, thanks for the explanation!

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