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Readers poll: Best reissues of 2010

Slicing Up Eyeballs Readers Poll

Three weeks ago, we launched the inaugural Slicing Up Eyeballs Readers Poll in an effort to gauge what this site’s frequenters think are the year’s best new albums and reissues. Now, with hundreds of ballots cast, the results are in — although in this section of the poll, those Crowded House fans couldn’t quite overcome the year’s most talked-about reissue.

Below you’ll find the Top 10 reissues, compilations, box sets and live albums of 2010, as voted by our readers. The Top 10 new albums of the year are posted here.

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Yazoo, 'Reconnected Live'10. Yazoo

Album: Reconnected Live
Backstory: The briefly reunited duo of Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet this year issued a 20-song document of their 2008 reunion tour.
Buy it:, iTunes

David Bowie, 'Station to Station: Special Edition'9. David Bowie

Album: Station to Station: Special Edition
Backstory: The Thin White Duke’s six-song 1976 album received a massive reissue, in 3CD and 5CD/1DVD/3LP editions.
Buy it:, iTunes

Orange Juice, 'Coals to Newcastle'8. Orange Juice

Album: Coals to Newcastle
Backstory: The early-’80s indie-pop outfit released a 6CD/1DVD box set that includes all four of the band’s albums and much more.
Buy it:, iTunes

Depeche Mode, ;Tour of the Universe: Barcelona 20/21:11:09'7. Depeche Mode

Album: Tour of the Universe: Barcelona 20/21:11:09
Backstory: The synthpop legends issued a combo live album/concert film documenting last year’s worldwide Tour of the Universe.
Buy it:, iTunes

Nine Inch Nails, 'Pretty Hate Machine' reissue6. Nine Inch Nails

Album: Pretty Hate Machine
Backstory: Trent Reznor reissued NIN’s 1989 debut, remastered, he said, “for a greatly improved sonic experience.”
Buy it:, iTunes

Arcadia, 'So Red the Rose: Special Edition'5. Arcadia

Album: So Red the Rose: Special Edition
Backstory: The lone album from this mid-’80s, studio-only Duran Duran spinoff was reissued this year in an expanded 2CD/1DVD package.
Buy it:, iTunes

Morrissey, 'Bona Drag: 20th Anniversary Edition'4. Morrissey

Album: Bona Drag: 20th Anniversary Edition
Backstory: The former Smiths singer issued an expanded edition of his early-career singles compilation, featuring six Viva Hate-era outtakes.
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R.E.M., 'Fables of the Reconstruction'3. R.E.M.

Album: Fables of the Reconstruction: 25th Anniversary
Backstory: The college-rock kingpins reissued their third album in a 2CD edition with a second disc of previously unreleased demos.
Buy it:, iTunes

'The Very Very Best of Crowded House'2. Crowded House

Album: The Very Very Best Of
Backstory: The Crowdies released a new 19-track best-of that covers 1986’s self-titled debut through 2007’s reunion album Time On Earth.
Buy it:, iTunes

The Cure, 'Disintegration'1. The Cure

Album: Disintegration: Deluxe Edition
Backstory: Robert Smith’s 1989 masterwork was reissued in a 3CD edition with a disc of demos and an expanded Entreat live album.
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  1. Disintegration was sublime! Much better mix for the original CD, bit iffy with the Entreat Plus mix.

  2. ….Yay!…duh of course….the definitive album of the 80’s that official closed down and brought that decade to an end…I have to say the Entreat+ is a positive effort, unlike some purists and with all due respect, I love this clean retrospective on that gem…it makes it even more relevant…..

  3. Joseph DeCuire

    The best reissue of 2010 and the GREATEST album of all time

  4. Thrilled to see Arcadia made the list. Although the remastering wasn’t spectacular, a fantastic collection of b-sides and remixes. However, not a single one of the Duran Duran (Notorious & Big Thing) reissues appear – and they don’t deserve to. Much like the first album and Seven & The Ragged Tiger. The remasters were poor and most everything on them has been released elsewhere recently. I hope the D2 folks are listening. Much like the new album ALL YOU NEED IS NOW, I am tired of buying multiple versions of the same album from them. Haven’t purchased the new album yet — I can wait for the CD in February.

  5. how is the Tour of the Universe a “reissue”?? not that I’m complaining aboput DM being on the list! and BTW, they are the benchmark against which all other reissues should be measured. Compare ANY of DM’s reissues to the first Duran Duran one. NO comparison!

  6. SFGlam: The “reissue” category is a catch-all for all of the stuff that’s not a new studio album, so it includes box sets, compilations, live albums and straight-up reissues.

  7. Andrew Cude

    One problem here..Bowie should be number 2. : )

  8. Wot?

    No room for any a-ha?
    The 25 best of smoke the crowded house package and the Hunting High and Low and Scoundrel Days Deluxe’s are great.

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