Video — January 14, 2011 at 5:05 pm

Official video: Crystal Castles, featuring Robert Smith of The Cure, ‘Not In Love’

Electro duo Crystal Castles certainly is getting great mileage out of its re-recorded version of “Not In Love” with Robert Smith of The Cure singing lead vocals. Now comes the official music video, directed by Video Marsh, which made its debut today at Gorilla vs. Bear. Don’t get too excited, though: The big-haired one does not appear in the clip, a mishmash of grainy, seemingly found footage. Oh, and you can still download the MP3 here.



  1. alas you make absolutely no mention that Not In Love is a Platinum Blonde original and that you can hear it at or watch them perform it in 1983 at

  2. i really (really) dig this song but i just can’t get into “videos” like this. actually don’t see the point really. imho it does nothing to support the song. it’s just an expensive screensaver.

  3. Yes Jescie, we (or I)know it’s a cover song. I still love what CC and Robert have done with the song. The video is very typical of late 80’s early 90’s shoe gazer stuff and a couple of cocteau twins vid’s as well. I’ts ok, but I wish Bobert would have popped up for just a second or so.

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