TV, Video — January 27, 2011 at 10:54 pm

Video: Gary Numan plays ‘Cars,’ discusses ‘Pleasure Principle’ at Los Angeles’ KCRW

Celebrity gossip TV show “Extra” — of all things — this week posted a seven-minute segment with synthpop innovator Gary Numan, in which he plays his big U.S. hit “Cars” and discusses last year’s tour in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of his debut album, The Pleasure Principle. The clip was filmed last November during a visit to Los Angeles KCRW radio station.



  1. why was he holding a guitar? i’m just sayin…

  2. This is obviously the rehearsal, don’t really know why it has been used – not a good rendition of ‘Cars’ at all (no synths). You can find the actual broadcast version here:

  3. This live take is awful.
    Sounds like we were listening to his headphone mix: mostly vocals and drums, and you can hear the click track a little bit. I seriously think one of the engineers screwed up and fed his phones into the broadcast mix bus (I am a pro sound engineer).

    The interview is pretty good though!

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