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The Godfathers release new single ‘Back Into the Future,’ reissuing 2nd and 3rd albums

The Godfathers, circa 2010

With their first U.S. tour in 20 years kicking off this week, The Godfathers today released their first new single since 1995 — a 4½-minute rocker called “Back Into the Future” — and next week will release expanded reissues of 1988’s Birth School Work Death and 1989’s More Songs About Love and Hate.

Debuted onstage in London a year ago, “Back Into the Future” is available in the U.S. as a digital-only single via iTunes — you can hear a sample of the single below, and it also will be played in full on Tuesday night’s Slicing Up Eyeballs show on Strangeways Radio — and is the first taste of the reunited rockers’ follow-up to 1995’s Afterlife. The band has yet to announce a title or release date for the new album.

On Feb. 14, Cherry Red subsidiary Lemon Recordings will reissue the Godfathers’ out-of-print second and third albums in the U.K. Each will be expanded with B-sides from the records’ singles; Birth School Work Death features five extra songs, including the Resurrection Mix of the title track, while More Songs About Love and Hate includes the full Out on the Floor EP (see tracklists below).

The Godfathers will open their 10-date U.S. tour Wednesday in St. Louis, Mo.; the trek includes the band’s traditional St. Valentine’s Day Massacre concert, this year booked at Santos Party House in New York City on Feb. 14 — a show presented by Slicing Up Eyeballs. There still are a few days left to enter to win free tickets to that gig.

See tracklists for the Godfathers’ reissues after the jump…

The Godfathers, 'Birth School Work Death'

Tracklist: The Godfathers, Birth School Work Death

1. “Birth, School, Work, Death”
2. “If I Only Had Time”
3. “Tell Me Why”
4. “It’s So Hard”
5. “When Am I Coming Down”
6. “Cause I Said So”
7. “The Strangest Boy”
8. “S.T.B.”
9. “Just Like You”
10. “Obsession”
11. “Love Is Dead”
12. “Miss That Girl” (“Birth, School, Work, Death” B-side) *
13. “Birth, School, Work, Death” (Resurrection Mix) *
14. “Cold Turkey” (“Cause I Said So” B-side) *
15. “I Can Only Give You Everything” (“Cause I Said So” B-side) *
16. “Those Days Are Over” (“Love is Dead” B-side) *

* Bonus tracks

The Godfathers, 'More Songs About Love and Hate'

Tracklist: The Godfathers, More Songs About Love and Hate

1. “She Gives Me Love”
2. “Those Days Are Over”
3. “How Low Is Low”
4. “Pretty Girl”
5. “This Is Your Life”
6. “I’m Lost And Then I’m Found”
7. “Songs About Love And Hate”
8. “Life Has Passed Us By”
9. “Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues”
10. “Halfway Paralysed”
11. “Another You”
12. “Just Because You’re Not…” (“She Gives Me Love” B-side) *
13. “Still Alone” (“I’m Lost And Then I’m Found” B-side) *
14. “Birth School Work Death” (Ex Mix) (‘Out On The Floor’ EP) *
15. “She Gives Me Love” (Love Mix) (‘Out On The Floor’ EP) *
16. “She Gives Me Love” (Dance Mix ) (‘Out On The Floor’ EP) *

* Bonus tracks


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