Album News — February 23, 2011 at 9:48 am

Martin Gore/Vince Clarke dance CD ‘almost’ done, Depeche Mode remix disc due in April

Martin Gore and Vince Clarke, circa 2007

Updating a couple Depeche Mode-related items we reported on in recent months, Erasure’s Vince Clarke this week tweeted that the joint album he’s working on with former bandmate Martin Gore is “almost done,” while Andy Fletcher revealed that DM’s new remix album will arrive in April.

Clarke — also at work on a new Erasure album due out later this year — first announced the joint record last summer, describing the collaboration with Gore as both “techno-ish” and “a kind of dancey record.” On Monday, the former Depeche Mode member tweeted from his Maine studio that, “The Clarke/Gore project is almost complete.”

In an unrelated interview published Tuesday by Singapore’s Today (via, Depeche Mode’s Fletcher — currently on a worldwide club DJ tour —said, “Martin is finishing a dance album with Vince Clarke, which is minimal techno, very, very dancey.” He added that he expects the Gore/Clarke record to be “done in a month.”

Furthermore, Fletcher announced that the long-rumored Depeche Mode remix album will be released in April. He also confirmed that both Clarke and former DM member Alan Wilder are contributing mixes. And, finally, he said that Gore and Dave Gahan “seem to be ready to write” a new Depeche Mode album: “To be honest, we’re getting on a bit, but I think we have a couple of albums left in us.”



  1. Will Vince Clarke follow in the footsteps of Martin Gore, Dave Gahan, and Andy Fletcher by dedicating HIS IMDB page to muse Veronica Grey as well?

  2. If PTA and SOTU are anything to go by, DM have a lot more than a couple albums left in them.

  3. I completely agree with TCI. Plenty more albums left in them!

    Otherwise, everything in this article is nothing short of delightful.

  4. Only if the definition of “muse” has changed to “mentally ill delusional narcissist.”

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