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Sample: Kate Bush Auto-Tunes 1989’s ‘Deeper Understanding’ for ‘Director’s Cut’ single

Kate Bush, 'Deeper Understanding'

The first tease of Kate Bush’s upcoming Director’s Cut album — which revisits tracks from 1989’s The Sensual World and 1993’s The Red Shoes — has surfaced online: a 30-second sample of the new version of “Deeper Understanding,” which finds Bush’s incomparable vocals run through Auto-Tune on the chorus.

The clip, via, is posted at, which also indicates the new version of the song — which will be released digitally on April 5 — runs nearly two minutes longer than the original, which appeared on The Sensual World. You can hear both the 30-second clip of the new version and the complete 22-year-old original below.

The tracklist has not yet been announced for Director’s Cut, which will be released as a single disc or a 3CD set including remastered editions of Sensual World and Red Shoes. Reissues of 1982’s The Dreaming and 1985’s Hounds of Love also are expected this year.

UPDATE 3/30/11: The “Deeper Understanding” sample posted below now has been removed from Amazon’s preview page, and a new sample of the track was posted today on YouTube and linked on Kate Bush’s Facebook page. The new 47-second clip, which you can hear below, does not include the apparent Auto-Tuning. Was the Amazon clip fake? We’ll know for sure Monday, when the single debuts on BBC Radio 2.

Sample Kate Bush’s new version of ‘Deeper Understanding’ after the jump…

Kate Bush, ‘Deeper Understanding’ (2011) [SAMPLE] by Slicing Up Eyeballs

Kate Bush, ‘Deeper Understanding’ (1989) by Slicing Up Eyeballs



  1. That’s not autotune. It sounds like one of those Yamaha Vocaloid packages.

  2. Way to ruin one of the most beautiful voices around. What a shame.

  3. Oh Kate why? The autotune/vocaloid sounds awful! I shall reserve my judgement until the full song is released however.

  4. I love it! The Auto-Tune voice is the computer replying to Kate and struggling to become human.

  5. Michael D.

    Exactly. She’s not using it in a misguided attempt to improve her singing voice, she’s using it as a tool to help convey the meaning of the song.

  6. Parade Rainer

    I hope everyone realizes that this is fake….KB would not produce something this sloppy and amateurish. Someone just chopped up “Deeper Understanding” and overdubbed a bad impression of auto-tuned Kate. Pretty easy to do.

  7. Actually, it IS Kate…the vocal that comes before the computer voice is hers, and it’s still noticeably different from the original recording of Deeper Understanding. The drums are also very different as are the Trio Bulgarka’s voices. This clip was not well rendered by amazon, but it is Kate Bush.

  8. Is it Kate who is auto-tuned though? It sounds like a male voice to me.

  9. i agree with Ali and Michael D. I love it! I can’t wait to hear the whole thing. The original version is obviously great but this artificial voice sounds really intriguing.

  10. I don’t know who the Vocoder voice is…it may not even be human. Guesses have been Kate’s son, Bertie (probably Albert by now) and even Stephen Hawking (who inspired Kate to write the song originally, over 20 years ago). That would be really cool, either way.

  11. HORRIBLE!!!

  12. It sounds like Mr_Hopkinson’s Computer! I Love it!

  13. Truly awful but why would anyone release that as a sample? there are parts of Waking the Witch which would sound the same if taken out of context.

  14. The chorus on the original version oozes emotion, in this version the promise of “love and deeper understanding” is robotic, preprogrammed, empty and emotionless – classic Kate – Cant wait to hear the rest, a true genius!

  15. Hopes to be Invisible.

    Oh. Oh. Oh.

    I want to be wrong. I want to like even reworked material. I know, Ms Bush has always gone back and revised and reworked. But now, just now …. I need something new. My family would also welcome some new tunes amongst my obsessive playing of older ones.

  16. First time I listened to this sample I thought it must be fake. It sounded wrong and seemed to make no sense. But then I listened a few more times and all of a sudden something clicked. It suddenly seemed to make PERFECT sense. When I hear it now it sounds simply beautiful. And flowing, and melodic, and brilliant… Which to me says this has to be the real thing. I do not think it’s fake.

  17. I can’t get the first sample to play :(

    The youtube clip … although I’m liking the backing, the drums sound terrible! The recording has them sounding totally separate to the rest of the song, like someone is playing along to the recording.

    Still, I have high hopes for the rest of the track and album.

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