New Releases — March 28, 2011 at 5:20 am

New releases: Nick Cave, The Charlatans, Wendy James, Colin Hay, The Icicle Works

Record Rack: A round-up of the week’s new albums, expanded reissues and/or box sets, appearing each Monday on Slicing Up Eyeballs.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, 'Let Love In'ARTIST: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
RELEASES: Let Love In, Murder Ballads, The Boatman’s Call, No More Shall We Part
BACKSTORY: Spanning 1994 to 2001, this latest batch of reissues include the remastered albums on one disc and bonus DVDs featuring new 5.1 Surround Sound mix — plus four-to-five bonus tracks apiece (see full tracklists here).
BUY IT: Let Love In, Murder Ballads, The Boatman’s Call, No More Shall We Part via

The Charlatans, 'Us and Us Only: Deluxe Edition'ARTIST: The Charlatans
RELEASE: Us and Us Only: Deluxe Edition
BACKSTORY: The Madchester survivors follow up last year’s double-disc re-release of debut album Some Friendly this week in their native U.K. with an expanded reissue of their 1999 album, supplementing that record’s original 11 tracks with 19 bonus B-sides, remixes, radio sessions and assorted live tracks (see full tracklist here).
BUY IT: Us and Us Only: Deluxe Edition via

Wendy James, 'I Came Here To Blow Minds'ARTIST: Wendy James
RELEASE: I Came Here To Blow Minds
BACKSTORY: After spending a good part of the 2000s with the band Racine, and releasing two albums with the group, the former Transvision Vamp leader — who once convinced Elvis Costello to write a whole album for her — returns this week with the physical release of her latest solo effort, which was originally released digitally last fall.
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More from Colin Hay and The Icicle Works after the jump…

Colin Hay, 'Gathering Mercury'ARTIST: Colin Hay
RELEASE: Gathering Mercury
BACKSTORY: The former Men at Work frontman returns this week with his 11th solo album and first in two years, a 10-track collection written during the period when the musician lost his father. The album also comes in a limited-edition expanded version with four “stripped” mixes of tracks on the record.
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The Icicle Works, 'The Small Price of a Bicycle'ARTIST: The Icicle Works
RELEASE: The Small Price of a Bicycle
BACKSTORY: The newly reunited U.K. New Wave/postpunk outfit this week reissues, in the U.K., an expanded, 3CD edition of its sophomore album, originally released in 1985. The new set features 31 bonus tracks, including B-sides, alternate takes, early recordings and previously unreleased material.
BUY IT: The Small Price of a Bicycle via


  1. Buying THAT WEndy James album from Amazon is gonna be pretty tough..

    They don’t seem to give a shit about it.

    (Just like 99% of the world to be fair..)

    No really.

    They simply don’t care.

    Thus the “don’t email us and we won’t email you” routine right now..

    Do Amazon know something we don’t about this album’s chances..?

    Course they do.

    Expect it to be selling for 50c in a couple of months.


    See ya.

    D R Y B A B Y

    • ICHTBM doing really well!

      New album on it’s way soon!

      Excellent Wendy!

      Tough rogering Drybaby! Oink ! Oink ! Oink !

    • Oh, …. and by the way Drybaby we intend a contract for you!

      We feel you dedication to your art deserves a truly dedicated contract of the megadeth kind.

      Wishing you good luck with that!


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