Album News, Reunions — April 4, 2011 at 7:03 am

‘Dalis Car 2’ EP, featuring Peter Murphy and late Mick Karn, to be released later this year

Dalis Car

Reuniting as Dalis Car for the first time in 26 years last fall, Peter Murphy and an ailing Mick Karn were able to record and complete four new songs before the former Japan bassist succumbed to cancer this past January — music that will be released as the Dalis Car 2 EP later this year.

According to Karn’s website, “The duo were reunited in a studio in Oxford at the end of September last year to begin work and four tracks were completed over the ensuing months — a slow process due to Mick’s declining health.” Additionally, former Japan drummer Steve Jansen’s website reports he now has finished mixing the four songs, which “are pending release later in the year.”

Murphy — currently on tour with a new album, Ninth, out this June — shocked fans late last summer by announcing plans to reunite Dalis Car with Karn to record a follow-up to 1984’s one-off album The Waking Hour. In a brief update on his now-deleted personal Facebook page in September, Murphy confirmed the sessions would also feature original Dalis Car drummer Paul Lawford: “All’s well that starts well,” Murphy wrote at the time.


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  1. Wow. Really looking forward to this, and Peter’s new album. Thanks for the update!

  2. Seriously great news.

  3. The Judgement is the Mirror

  4. Does anyone know when the Dalis car 2 EP will be released to buy on CD?

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