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Peter Hook’s ‘1102/2011’ EP of Joy Division re-recordings delayed by ‘legal issues’

The Light featuring Rowetta, '1102/2011'

A four-song EP of Joy Division re-recordings — including a newly completed Ian Curtis-era castoff — that Peter Hook had planned to release this week has been delayed by unspecified legal issues, the bassist said today in an announcement that suggests the release may never see the light of day.

The 1102/2011 EP — credited to Hook’s band The Light, featuring Rowetta — was set for release Monday in the U.K. via Hacienda Records. The label today announced on its blog an indefinite delay in the EP’s release, writing, rather ominously, “We are hoping that these matters will be temporary, not permanent, and will be resolved soon.”

It’s not known whether the legal snag involves Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris, the other two surviving members of Joy Division who formed New Order with Hook following Curtis’ suicide and still play together in Bad Lieutenant. A Hook representative declined to comment further when contacted by Slicing Up Eyeballs today.

The EP, featuring the final cover art shown above, features new re-recordings of classic Joy Division tracks “Atmosphere,” “New Dawn Fades” and “Insight” with Rowetta, a onetime Happy Mondays singer, on vocals. The fourth track is “Pictures in My Mind,” an incomplete Joy Division song that Hook finished and sings on the EP.

Last week, Hook released music videos for “Pictures in My Mind” and “Atmosphere” in advance of the EP, which Hook dedicates, in the sleevenotes, to Ronan “Rex” Sargeant — a musician and producer who worked with Joy Division, New Order and many others — who committed suicide in December.


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  1. I think it’s pretty sad that people have to put money and lawyers first before they can release something on their own. Sometimes, it’s more important to think about the music and its lifelong impact. Creating something greater than yourself is more fulfilling than money and lawyers :P

  2. Like the cover, very reminiscent of NIN’s Year Zero Remixed (which Steve & Gillian contributed to).
    Can’t say I’m surprised at this news, it is unfortunate however – despite what anyone thinks of the re-recordings.
    I personally don’t like them myself, to me Atmosphere is not a track anyone can ever successfully cover. It’s too perfect as it is.
    I am hoping that Hooky brings Closer to NZ though, I’d love to experience that.

  3. I hope those recordings never see the light of day. Horrible concept from the start, Hooky should give it up and create something new. I doubt its a monetary issue, more like integrity that brought about the halt.
    Ian must be spinning in his grave

  4. Music Archivist

    its bad enough Bernard feels responsible for Ian’s death
    he has carried that with him for a long time now but for hooky to keep going in to the vault and butchering

    the old Jd catalog

    that my friends should be a shot in the ass with rock salt offense i mean JD is gone there a memory let it go move forward

    only thing next for hooky to do ia play Frankenstein and resurrect Ian and have him sing the old JD songs in a zombie like moan than maybe ya might have something there

  5. Same old Fanboys doing their hating. Well done!

    I listened to the Youtube videos with an open mind and I really enjoyed them. It’s a shame I have to potentially wait indefinitely the listen the the other 2 but that’s the way it goes.

  6. Music Archivist

    nah not a fan boy

    just it seems hooky cant seem to keep a band together longer then 1 ep or a few albums

    either he is misunderstood or a jag off nobody can get along with him

    we are blaming the other members of new order for holding up the ep it might not even be them it could be Debra Curtis or who ever now holds the musical rights to the jd catalog now (London Records)

    But as the late Tony Wilson said jd is done and gone anything more from them is pure merchandising and there to make quick money thats all it is

    Im all for bands moving forward as along as they do it tastefully and respect the member they lost.

    but everybody has there own opinion on the subject

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