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‘Total: From Joy Division to New Order’ to feature unreleased New Order track

New Order, circa 1989

A new 18-song best-of compilation covering the “most important tracks” by Joy Division and and its successor New Order — titled Total: From Joy Division to New Order and spanning the years 1979 through 2005 — is set to include a previously unreleased New Order song called “Hellbent.”

Due out June 6 in the U.K. on Rhino Records, the compilation is the first to combine Joy Division material with post-Ian Curtis New Order tracks on the same commercially available release — although a 2001 promo-only best-of called 20 Years of New Order carries a tracklist that’s somewhat similar to the new collection.

The new Total disc opens with five of Joy Division’s best-known tracks (“Transmission,” “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” “Isolation,” “She’s Lost Control” and “Atmosphere”) before segueing into a chronological run of a dozen New Order singles plus the new song, of which little is known at this point (see full tracklist below).

The material on the album is mastered by Frank Arkwright and the cover art is designed by former Factory Records art director Peter Saville and Studio Parris Wakefield, which has posted an account of the project written by creative director Howard Wakefield.

See tracklist for ‘Total: From Joy Division to New Order’ after the jump…

'Total: From Joy Division to New Order'

Tracklist: Total: From Joy Division to New Order

1. Joy Division, “Transmission” (From Factory Records FAC 13 7” Single)
2. Joy Division, “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (From Factory Records FAC23 7” Single)
3. Joy Division, “Isolation” (From Factory Records FAC25 12” Album)
4. Joy Division, “She’s Lost Control” (From Factory Records FACUS2 12” Single)
5. Joy Division, “Atmosphere” (From Sordide Sentimental SS33002 7” Single)
6. New Order, “Ceremony” (From Factory Records FAC33 7” Single)
7. New Order, “Temptation” (From Factory Records FAC63 7” Single)
8. New Order, “Blue Monday” (From Factory Records FAC73 12” Single)
9. New Order, “Thieves Like Us” (From Factory Records FAC103 12” Single)
10. New Order, “The Perfect Kiss” (From Factory Records FAC123 7” Single)
11. New Order, “Bizarre Love Triangle” (From Factory Records FAC163 7” Single)
12. New Order, “True Faith” (From Factory Records FAC183 7” Single)
13. New Order, “Fine Time” (From Factory Records FAC223 7” Single)
14. New Order, “World In Motion” (From Factory Records FAC293 7” Single)
15. New Order, “Regret” (From London Records NUO1 7” Single)
16. New Order, “Crystal” (From London Records NUOCD8 CD Single)
17. New Order, “Krafty” (From London Records NUOX13 12” Single)
18. New Order, “Hellbent” (Previously unreleased track)


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  1. Kent Butabi

    I will be HELLBENT on getting this track!

  2. Re-issue ! Re-package ! Re-package !
    Re-evaluate the songs
    Double-pack with a photograph
    Extra Track (and a tacky badge)

  3. El Guappo

    total sham

  4. *sigh*

    just gimmie hellbent.MP3 for $.99 and we’ll call it good.

  5. Jones Foyer

    If the unreleased track is from this century, they can keep it. Not interested.

  6. How can an unreleased cut be one of their “most important tracks”?

    This track list is offensive.

  7. Pfft, Joy Division has more Important Tracks than New Order. A compilation that truly sets out to showcase all of the important tracks should be at least half and half.

  8. this begs the question…i wonder what “the other two” think of all these goings-ons?

  9. I have never seen a band put out more “best of” albums than actual albums. It’s so ridiculous. I love the music, but give me a break.

  10. Jason
    May 16th, 2011 at 8:42 am
    Re-issue ! Re-package Re-evaluate the songs


  11. I’m sorry,
    I love new order, but if i see one more best of, or singles release, i’m going to fucking puke.

  12. Alex Hales

    Why is this being released?

  13. Mike Ator

    Hopefully Temptation is the 7″ and Blue Monday is not the crappy ’88 remix. This is a much better primer for new listeners than the embarrassing Substance. The Drawback from Warsaw days would’ve been a nice add to the JD material.

  14. have never seen a band put out more “best of” albums than actual albums. It’s so ridiculous. I love the music, but give me a break.

  15. I have this UK 1983( Factory Fac 73 )Blue Monday, The Beach, It is for sale enyone intrested please let me know

  16. Listen, this release is awesome, there are versions on here that have never been released before. “In a bid to offer existing fans something new compared to previously existing compilations the album included four never-before on CD versions of the bands tracks, including the original 7” version of “True Faith” and Shep Pettibone’s 7″ remix of “Bizarre Love Triangle”. It also includes the shorter 4:24 edit of “The Perfect Kiss”. All tracks were mastered from original source tapes by Frank Arkwright.” The 7″ edit versions of True Faith and “Perfect Kiss” are great shorter versions. The best on here is the Remix Edit of “Bizarre Love Triangle”, so awesome they released this. This is a must have.

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