Video — June 5, 2011 at 9:58 am

Video: Jane’s Addiction, ‘End to the Lies’

Last week, Jane’s Addiction debuted the first video from its forthcoming album The Great Escape Artist, a somewhat NSFW clip (there’s a naked lady!) for the track “End to the Lies” that was directed by ShadowMachine Films (via ArtistDirect). The album is due out “later this summer,” according to Capitol Records, although Amazon shows an Aug. 23 release date.


Ride "Nowhere: 20th Anniversary Edition"


  1. This is awesome. It’s hard to believe that Farrell is still making albums w/Jane’s Addiction – he’s 52 years old now! Can’t wait for the new album!

  2. Johnny Eyeballs

    They *are* aware that people buy music that’s good and not music that’s bad? Just when i thought they couldn’t get any lower than a commercial album like Strays, this comes out- if this is their strongest track from the album, they’re all in trouble.

    It also shows how much of a loss Eric Avery was to them, songwriting wise.

  3. Ronnie Dobbs

    re: Eric Avery

    Too bad he’s gone again already. Perry seems to have issues with him still if these lyrics are any indication.

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