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This Week in Morrissey: Attacked by a dog! Frisking fans for meat! Debuting a new song!


This week’s not even over yet and we’ve already got Morrissey news piling up left and right, including reports that Moz was attacked by a dog, that he had concertgoers searched for illicit meat products and, finally, that he banned his apparent archenemy — no, not Mike Joyce, but, rather, the guy who runs the Morrissey-solo.com fansite — from attending his concerts ever again.

Plus, he debuted another new song last night in Denmark (see video below).

Let’s start from the top:

  • On Monday, fansite/official mouthpiece True-To-You.net divulged that Morrissey “sustained hand and arm injuries recently after being attacked by a dog in England.”  The singer was treated at a Swedish hospital where it was discovered he suffered a fractured index finger on his right hand. It’s not known what happened to the dog. Or if the cat-on-the-head thing had anything to do with the attack.
  • On Wednesday, The Mirror posted this surreal headline: “Morrissey fans have their bags checked for meat before concert.” According to the newspaper, fans trying to get into the famed vegetarian’s final U.K. show in Middlesbrough had their bags searched for sausage. One fan said, “A member of the security staff then went through my bag and told me that they were checking to make sure that I was not carrying any meat products inside.”
  • Also on Wednesday, WENN.com reported that Morrissey had David Tseng ejected from a concert in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Monday and subsequently banned for life. A spokeswoman for Moz told the site, “Mr. Tseng via his poisonous website has caused so much intentional distress to Morrissey and Morrissey’s band over the years that Mr. Tseng is not welcome at any Morrissey shows.” Morrissey, of course, already has made his feelings known about Morrissey-solo.com
  • And on Wednesday night in Denmark, according to fansite SomeDizzyWhore.com, Morrissey debuted another new song titled “Scandinavia,” the fourth new track to emerge this summer. You can watch video of the performance below.

So that’s the week so far. Morrissey continues to tour Europe; he plays Sweden tonight, and has at least 10 more gigs scheduled. No word yet on when or how his completed album will be released. Oh, and we did miss one other Moz nugget last week as True-To-You.net faithfully passed on this gem: “Morrissey would like it known that he does not wear shoes by the company called Deux Souliers, and has no intentions of wearing shoes by this company.” Good to know.

See video of Morrissey debuting ‘Scandinavia’ last night in Denmark below…




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  1. I thought I was done with Morrissey after enduring his endless last-minute concert cancellations – but banning a fan who has run a tremendous fan-based website for years? Geez – I’m really done now . . .

  2. Anyone know what the story is behind the David Tseng banning?

  3. This feels like a TMZ article.

  4. jeanieforever

    way to join the bandwagon of moz bashing.

  5. That cat on Moz’s head looks just like my cat Talisker.

  6. Why is this Moz bashing? Is any of this not true? His actions will annoy some, amuse others. You can decide and then listen to a new song provided gratis, by this great site. How is that bashing? Maybe a raspberry, but no bashing.

  7. Morrissey being Morrissey.

  8. What a fucking twat.

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