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The Wedding Present chronicles 2005 tour of North America on new ‘Drive’ DVD

The Wedding Present’s 2005 tour of North America in support of that year’s Take Fountain album — which featured the band’s first performances here in eight years — is the subject of a new 139-minute concert film called “Drive” that will be released on DVD in the U.S. next week and in the U.K. later this year.

Shot by Thirdhand Films at eight concert on that tour, “Drive” — due out July 26 in North American and Oct. 3 in England — “incorporates the most comprehensive live footage of the band playing in North America ever filmed, as well as interviews and candid behind-the-scenes footage,” according to bandleader David Gedge’s website.

The trailer posted above features footage of the group on the road across the U.S. set to a performance of “Drive.”


Tracklist: The Wedding Present, “Drive”

1. “Drive”
2. “Crawl”
3. “Queen Anne”
4. “Go Go Dancer”
5. “Spangle”
6. “Venus”
7. “It’s For You”
8. “The Queen Of Outer Space”
9. “I’m From Further North Than You”
10. “Kennedy”
11. “Perfect Blue”
12. “Once More”
13. “Ringway To SeaTac”
14. “Dalliance”
15. “Dare”
16. “What Have I Said Now?”






  1. Johnny Eyeballs

    Wanted to love them when they first got big… in fact tried to love them… but never felt it.

  2. the love came naturally for me. Gedge is a tunesmith nonpareil.

  3. Best songwriter of the last 25 years

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