Digital Music — August 3, 2011 at 6:56 am

Stream: Jane’s Addiction, ‘Irresistible Force’ — new single from ‘The Great Escape Artist’

Alt-rock mainstays Jane’s Addiction this week released the second track from their upcoming album The Great Escape Artist: the slow-burning “Irresistible Force,” which premiered yesterday on Los Angeles’ KROQ and is available to purchase starting today on and iTunes. You can stream the track below, via Stereogum.

The new album — also features the rocking “End to the Lies,” which you can stream here — is due Sept. 27 on Capitol Records, and is produced by Rich Costey and features writing, programming and bass playing from TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek. In the live format, mid-2000s bassist Chris Chaney has returned to the fold, as can be seen in the band’s new publicity photo.


Stream: Jane’s Addiction, “Irresistible Force”







  1. Johnny Eyeballs

    Not an entirely bad track compared to the ghastly End of Lies- but not a great song either. It’s a little sad that one of the bands known for putting Alternative music on the map has grown into a geriatric oddity that prefers to play older music over any new music in order to avoid blank stares and yawns. I know Eric Avery will never go back to them but how much would it cost the band to hire him to write their songs?

  2. I’m with you Johnny Eyeballs…certainly a step up from the cock-rock-fest of “End to the Lies”…but fails to scale the giddy, intoxicating heights of any track on “Ritual de lo Habitual” in my view.

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