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Peter Gabriel to release orchestral ‘New Blood’ album, 3-D concert film in October

Peter Gabriel’s foray into classical music continues this fall when the singer follows last year’s orchestral covers album Scratch My Back with a collection of symphonic reworkings of his own material called New Blood — plus the “New Blood: Live in London in 3 Dimensions” concert movie filmed this part March.

The studio album, in the works since last year, arrives first, and is set for release Oct. 11 on EMI. Although Gabriel hasn’t yet revealed the tracklist, the news release announcing the concert film reports the album will include new orchestral recordings of “Biko,” “Red Rain,” “Solsbury Hill,” “Don’t Give Up,” “Blood Of Eden,” “The Rhythm Of The Heat,” “Mercy Street” and “Intruder,” among others (see video of Gabriel’s orchestra recording “Red Rain” below).

Additionally, the New Blood album will include a new recording of “Washing of the Water,” an album cut found on 1992’s Us, that’s currently streaming at Direct Current.

UPDATE 8/18/11: See New Blood’s full tracklist below, via The Audio Perv.

Then, on Oct. 25, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release the 22-song “New Blood: Live in London” concert film on 3-D Blu-ray, standard Blu-ray and DVD formats — plus a limited-edition deluxe package featuring a the live DVD and Blu-ray, the New Blood studio CD and an exclusive CD of live tracks from the film. The concert movie also will be shown in theaters in September.


Tracklist: Peter Gabriel, New Blood: Deluxe Edition

1. “Rhythm of the Heat”
2. “Downside Up” (Featuring Melanie Gabriel)
3. “San Jacinto”
4. “Intruder”
5. “Wallflower”
6. “In Your Eyes”
7. “Mercy Street”
8. “Red Rain”
9. “Darkness”
10. “Don’t Give Up” (Featuring Ane Brun)
11. “Digging in the Dirt”
12. “The Nest That Sailed the Sky”
13. “A Quiet Moment”
14. “Solsbury Hill” (Bonus Track)

Bonus Disc: Instrumentals
1. “The Rhythm of the Heat” (Instrumental)
2. “Downside Up” (Instrumental)
3. “San Jacinto” (Instrumental)
4. “Intruder” (Instrumental)
5. “Wallflower” (Instrumental)
6. “In Your Eyes” (Instrumental)
7. “Mercy Street” (Instrumental)
8. “Red Rain” (Instrumental)
9. “Darkness” (Instrumental)
10. “Don’t Give Up” (Instrumental)
11. “Digging In The Dirt” (Instrumental)
12. “The Nest That Sailed The Sky” (Instrumental)
13. “Blood of Eden” (Studio Track)


Tracklist: Peter Gabriel,  “New Blood: Live in London in 3 Dimensions” DVD/Blu-ray

1. “Intruder”
2. “Wallflower”
3. “The Boy In The Bubble”
4. “Après Moi”
5. “The Drop”
6. “Washing Of The Water” *
7. “The Book Of Love”
8. “Darkness”
9. “The Power Of The Heart”
10. “Biko”
11. “San Jacinto”
12. “Digging In The Dirt”
13. “Signal To Noise”
14. “Downside Up”
15. “Mercy Street”
16. “The Rhythm Of The Heat”
17. “Blood Of Eden”
18. “Red Rain”
19. “Solsbury Hill”
20. “In Your Eyes”
21. “Don’t Give Up”
22. “The Nest That Sailed The Sky”

* Not on 3-D version






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  1. I’ve seen Peter on maybe 15 occasions from the ‘The Lamb’ to the recent New Blood tour on both sides of the pond. I just love these recordings, they show the depth of musicality and arrangement in the originals which can be overlooked by the impatient listener. Spiritually uplifting and dramatic, just wonderful. Thanks for giving me so much music.

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