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Free MP3: Modern English re-records ‘I Melt With You’ (again), sets short U.S. tour

Reunited British post-punk/New Wave rockers Modern English have re-recorded their signature 1982 smash “I Melt With You” for a second time, and are offering the slowed-down, moody version of the track as a free download in advance of a just-announced short tour of the southeastern United States next month.

The band — original members Robbie Grey (vocals), Gary McDowell (guitar), Mick Conroy (bass) and Stephen Walker (keyboards), plus longtime guitarist Steven Walker and drummer Ric Chandler — today announced and eight-date U.S. tour that opens Sept. 20 in Atlanta and runs through Sept. 28 in Birmingham, Ala., with most dates in Florida.

The dates follow two similarly short U.S. treks last year and a U.K. tour this summer.

Modern English — who last year released a new album, Soundtrack, and the Blister EP — have re-recorded “I Melt With You” once again (the band first re-recorded the hit for 1990’s Pillow Lips), this time for use in the upcoming Mark Pellington film named, appropriately, “I Melt With You.”  The film also uses a second Modern English song, “Gathering Dust,” and because it is “quite dark,” the band offered to completely re-record “I Melt With You.”

You can download the 2011 version of “I Melt With You” from the widget below in exchange for an e-mail address, and you can also check out the trailer to the film “I Melt With You.”


Modern English tour dates:

Sept. 20: Old Bar, Atlanta, GA Smith’s
Sept. 21: Brewster’s Pit, Jacksonville, FL
Sept. 22: Respectable Street, West Palm Beach, FL
Sept. 23: Main Street Fall Festival, Melbourne, FL
Sept. 24: Sick Boys, Daytona Beach, FL
Sept. 25: The Venue, Tampa, FL
Sept. 27: Vinyl Music Hall, Pensacola FL
Sept. 28: The Nick Rocks, Birmingham, AL


Trailer: “I Melt With You”






  1. That trailer looks like an Excedrin commercial.

  2. The Venue is an odd locale for Modern English to play. It’s a sushi bar/steakhouse with a house/techno DJ stage. The club caters to the cougar/MILF crowd with bottle service and candy-colored martinis.

    Also, it is in Clearwater, not Tampa.

    I’ll bet that they play all 3 versions of “I’ll Melt With You” during the show because that is the only song the crowd will recognize…

  3. lumpy gravy

    can’t wait for the 2025 re re re recording.

  4. “Someone’s Calling”, “Rainbow’s End” and “Hands Across The Sea” are all better songs than “I Smelt A Ewe”…

  5. We caught the Birmingham, AL show, and it was great. Small, but very cool venue and the band sounded great. We got a chance to talk with Robbie Grey before the show for a bit and will be posting the interview on the site within the next week.

  6. I want this mp3 song free download

  7. Michael Josephs

    I really want the 2011 version of the song.


  8. damn its so slow and backmask…liked 80’s version..

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