Reunions, Tour Dates — September 5, 2011 at 9:11 am

New Order to reunite — without Peter Hook — for October concerts in Paris, Brussels

Five years after splitting up, New Order will reunite — with a lineup featuring keyboardist Gillian Gilbert, but not bassist Peter Hook — for a pair of live shows this October in Paris and Brussels to benefit ailing artist and film producer Michael H. Shamberg, who produced the band’s videos for “True Faith,” “Touched By the Hand of God” and “Regret.”

According to an announcement made to BBC Radio 6 today, New Order — comprised of Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris, Gilbert, 2000s-era guitarist Phil Cunningham and Bad Lieutenant bassist Tom Chapman — will perform Oct. 17 in Brussels and Oct. 18 in Paris. The gigs are New Order’s first since 2006, and Gilbert’s first with the band since 2001.

When contacted, a representative for Hook said the bassist likely will respond tomorrow.

Sumner told BBC Radio 6 that he and his bandmates wanted to help Shamberg, who has been instrumental to the band and has been fighting a “debilitating illness” since 2005. He said:

“Michael has been with us from the very start. Initially he was in charge of Factory New York, then became creative producer for all our early videos. He brought our attention to the early works of directors such as Kathryn Bigelow, Gina Birch, Robert Breer, Peter Care and Phillipe Decouffle. Michael is very ill and needs constant medical attention. We want to help him, and these shows will contribute financial support towards his ongoing care.”

Gilbert, speaking of her return to New Order, added: “It’s been a long 10 years since I took a break from the band, so I I’m really happy to be back, and this is a great place to start. Michael is a very good friend, and I want to help him, so it’s perfect timing for me to comeback now.”

Last week, Hook told Slicing Up Eyeballs that he and his former New Order bandmates were discussing when and how to release seven remaining outtakes from the sessions of the band’s final album, 2005’s Waiting for the Sirens’ Call. He described the talks as contentious (“They keep elbowing me out all the time. Every time I try to do something, I get outvoted.”), but gave no indication he was aware of the decision to reform New Order without him.

Watch for the full text of our Q&A with Hook — in which he previews his upcoming U.S. tour performing the Joy Division albums Unknown Pleasures and Closer — to be posted tomorrow.


New Order tour dates:

Oct. 17: Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
Oct. 18: Le Bataclan, Paris, France





  1. Bah, humbug!

  2. I hope Mr. Hook has the wisdom to see that if he can tour performing JD albums then the rest should be able to play some shows too. I love all the folks involved and dream of a wonderful fantasy world where they all still get along .

  3. Is there a better cause? Bravo.

  4. It’s a shame they can’t just make amends. As a unit, this band was untouchable.

    • Amen.. Amazing Band together as a whole, average apart. Together they are frankly one of the most tallented bands I have ever come across.

      Iam mean how many other fans of various other groups can say they have been blessed with such amazing music for as long as we have. I was 12 when I started listening to them and I am 39 now and there is rarely a day when I dont listen to some form of their music.

      Hope they can forget any wrongs and reconcile their differences.

  5. Hey a twat-free line-up! I’d pay to see this.

  6. This is very good news, I thought their new track HELLBENT was amazing which appeared on the TOTAL compilation, New Order is a great band, It would have been better if Peter Hook could be with them also, but I guess they are still mad and arguing with each other.

  7. “Hellbent” is an incredible track! I hope this doesn’t spoil our chances of hearing the 7 other songs from the “Siren’s Call” sessions.

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