MBV Watch, Reissues — September 6, 2011 at 6:57 am

MBV Watch: My Bloody Valentine ‘Loveless,’ ‘Isn’t Anything’ reissues bumped to 2012

A fall 2011 release for My Bloody Valentine’s reissue of Loveless — featuring an unheard alternate mix by Kevin Shields — certainly seemed to make sense, given that the 20th anniversary of its original release looms on Nov. 4. Yet that’s not to be: it appears the reissues of Loveless and its precursor Isn’t Anything have been pushed into 2012.

When last we checked in, the long-promised, little-believed reissues of 1988’s Isn’t Anything and 1991’s Loveless had been scheduled for a Sept. 19 release in the U.K. However, as a loyal reader and disappointed MBV fan tipped us last night, the listings for the two albums through online retailer HMV.com recently have been updated to reflect an April 9 release date.

For those keeping score at home, this is at least the ninth release date for the two records since we began tracking them with the MBV Watch feature in November 2009.






  1. Pretty sad. We waited forever for a promised followup to Loveless that apparently will never be, and now we can’t even get a solid date for just the reissue of the thing.

    It would be much more pleasant to wake up one day to an unexpected reissue and followup album than to be trained as we have been, meticulously, over several years, to be consistently disappointed. Don’t they have any management?

  2. Jeez, are these thing EVER coming out? They have been delayed for over 3 years(!) now. What is the problem? Rumor has it Keven Shields was pissed off because just before they were about to come out originally, they were leaked all over the internet, so he put a stop to these reissues EVER coming out legally, I guess.

  3. these will never happen

  4. Ray Shackleford

    Yeah they will. They have already leaked on the unofficial MBV forum over a year ago. The thing that’s taking so long is the liners and possibly the fact that the bonus tracks for the priciest edition are going to be the tracks that he was working on for the follow up. Since everyone has heard the remastered versions already, the only draw is going to be the liners and any bonus tracks. Finishing them is taking ages (as ever) and he isn’t going to risk not selling as many copies as possible without those bonus tracks. Roll on 2012.

  5. Michael Fairchild

    I guess maybe it’s time to wait for the 30th anniversary edition…

  6. To answer a question posted above, MBV does not have management. Who would want 10 percent of zero income coming in? And bundle that with him being a very difficult personality to deal with. He has a longterm addiction to marijuana which has permanently altered his brain chemistry, causing him to be generally unmotivated and paranoid. My guess is that the reissues will come out when he is financially compensated with a few more years living expenses. He is playing an aggravation game with Sony BMG to get more money out of them.

  7. Do you think these will be released on vinyl or as a deluxe set because I have always had a dream to have Loveless on vinyl.

  8. with April 1 fast approaching, I see now that the HMV link is no longer valid…so is this a sign that an announcement is coming Soon?

  9. maybe we will finally see a release this year!!!!!!
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