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Peter Hook: ‘New Order without Peter Hook is like Queen without Freddie Mercury’

Peter Hook this morning called New Order’s surprise decision to reunite without him “very sad,” saying “the other three” didn’t tell him they’d decided to play two October concerts — and that, ultimately, “everyone knows New Order without Peter Hook is like Queen without Freddie Mercury, U2 without The Edge, Sooty without Sweep!”

Hook released that somewhat tongue-in-cheek statement this morning — with its reference to the long-running U.K. children’s puppet show — five days after his former bandmates announced they will perform concerts on Oct. 17 in Brussels and Oct. 18 in Paris to benefit ailing producer Michael H. Shamberg, who produced videos for “True Faith,” “Touched By the Hand of God” and “Regret.”

The shows — featuring a lineup of Bernard SumnerStephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert, plus 2000s-era guitarist Phil Cunningham and Bad Lieutenant bassist Tom Chapman — will be New Order’s first since 2006, and Gilbert’s first with the band since 2001.

Hook says the New Order reunion “has taken me completely by surprise,” and that he doesn’t understand the decision by Sumner, Morris and Gilbert to perform without him, adding, he feels “it would have been courteous and professional to have spoken to me in advance.”

For his part, Hook — who spoke to Slicing Up Eyeballs for a Q&A the week before the New Order announcement — is starting a tour of the U.S. next week in which he will perform the Joy Division albums Unknown Pleasures and CloserSee those dates here.


Hook’s full statement: 

I first I heard about this on Monday and it has taken me completely by surprise! Everyone knows that NEW ORDER without PETER HOOK is like QUEEN without FREDDIE MERCURY, U2 without THE EDGE, SOOTY without SWEEP!

On a more serious note, I do not understand the decision THE OTHER THREE have taken. I wish they had approached me first. I do not agree with the methods they have used and feel it would have been courteous and professional to have spoken to me in advance of the announcements. It is very sad.

Love PETER HOOK x Sept ‘11







  1. um, why would they ask him? His been pretty vocal about being done with New Order and pretty vocal about his disdain for Bernard. I think it is sad that Peter Hook is not involved because his bass sound was so tied to NO, but seriously the guys mouth has been running non-stop with nothing particularly good coming out of it (including his attempts at singing, which is horrifying). If the others one a keep going I will support ’em…if PH what’s to quit being a cranky old man and jump back in, even better!

  2. oh peter, peter, get over yourself

  3. bravo,i couldnt have put it better Nolan.
    Hooky too full of himself

  4. peter doesn’t understand that nobody likes him anymore.

  5. More like New Order without the big mouthed idiot.

  6. It’s like Journey without Steve Perry! (she said, tongue firmly in cheek).

    I’m on Hooky’s side. I think it’s crap for them to have not even discussed it with him; he likely would have needed to decline anyway with The Light’s touring schedule.

    That being said, I’d still love to see the NO stuff performed live. I’m sure those who go will have a lovely time. It’s about the music at the end of the day anyway, eh?

  7. Even though he makes up a big part of why I like them, i think he deserves it!

  8. Honestly? Who cares? This is the most money-grubbing band around, just count how many ‘best of’ albums they have…probably more than actual albums. And as far as live, I have been to MANY MANY concerts in my life and the New Order show was the worst of them all..the very bottom. Stinker. So I’ll repeat…who cares.

    • Craig – just as an aside, ‘Best Of’ albums are more often than not the work of greedy record labels, not greedy bands. Especially after the first one or two.

      • Quite right, and if they were so greedy, then they would have toured way more cuz that’s where the moneys at son! …I wish they were greedy, then I’d have a chance to see them here in the States!

        • I saw ’em once. You’re not missing much.

          • Greedy? They’ve reunited to help out a sick friend–it’s a benefit. Read the words before you whine. I’ve seen them many times–it’s always hit or miss. I adored the Movement tour, but I went w/ people who thought it was terrible. I saw them a few years late,. mid-80s, when they just played a pre-recorded song for their encore. Very Duchamps–right? I loved it when the people screamed.

  9. WTF…..he was the one that left. Just jealous cuz his projects have been a failure. Even worse he has been whoring JOy divisions back catalog. Hes a great bass player, but he definitely needs to get over himself. No wonder he didnt get along with Barney and Steve. What an arrogant egomaniac.

    • How can it be whoring JD’s catalog if he was a member of JD? Sorry – he was there, he helped create it, it’s his right to perform it solo. Now, if he were to call himself JD while doing it, well, that’s another story!

  10. I saw PH and his band touring the Unknown Pleasures LP in 2010 in Adelaide. They were rubbish. PH, get over yourself. NO without Peter Hook is like is like the London Symphony Orchestra without the triangle player

  11. I used to be such a huge Peter Hook fan but he has become such a pompous ass over anything New Order. It’s getting old listening to him whine. If he wasn’t such a bigmouth ass, the band would probably have stayed together. I also watched him play Unknown Pleasures and it was brutally embarrassing. Peter – unless you’re willing to put out another original and good Monaco album, shut up and quit dragging Joy Division around.

  12. I wonder if any of them even remember what their falling out was about? It’s disappointing that they can’t patch it up, and get back to being crack unit we all dug for so long.

  13. I think it’s sad that none is pointing out how awesome it is having Gillian return to the band. When she left I thought “no big deal” but I felt their post Gillian (sp?) music suffered… it was almost like the ‘female’ dimension was lost and we were left with a guitar heavy mix. If they do some new stuff I hope that a sense ‘space’ can return to go with the rhythm.

  14. Anyone want to buy some Revenge CDs? How about Monaco?

  15. Yeah Hook, like nobody else knows how to play 4 bass notes :/

  16. Hopeton Brown

    New Order without Peter Hook is more like Queen without John Deacon.

  17. Michael Fairchild

    Maybe more of Kajagoogoo without Limahl?

  18. Johnny Eyeballs

    Actually, New Order without Peter Hook is Queen without… their bass player. Or Guns n Roses without their bass player. Or AC/DC without… their bass player.

    Comparing an accompanist to the primary vocalist is pretty sad and downright whiny. As an electronic band, he was very lucky they didn’t cut him out altogether and replace his bass lines with a sequencer.

    Bad Hooky!

  19. and Joy Division without Ian Curtis or the rest of them is like…..?I saw his Unknown Pleasures tour last year…it was better than I expected, but still…..Peter Hook was a major part of NO’s sound IMO. but glad Gillian is back!

  20. What a minute….aren’t you touring as Joy Division w/o Ian Curtis? Okay, just checking dumbass. Face it Peter, no one likes you because you’re a self-riteous, whining, pain in the ass. Awwww….N/O finally got sick of you & decided to play a benefit w/o you. Perhaps you can sue!!! Ha….douche.

  21. i am sorry, but i am still a hugh joy division fan and always will be. what was, was. ph is destroying a legacy doing jd albums over again. plus, i did not see his show of unknown pleasures but know a few who did, and they said that was 2 hours of their life they can never get back. let it go peter.

  22. It would be great if Bernard, Gillian and Stephen made a new album.

    As far as I know – those three did all the sequencing and programming anyway. Hooky just played a few phrases over the top. I mean – he could have just added some overdubs here and there without acting like he is some sort of essential rock-god genius.

    Just take a look at World (Price of Love) on YouTube.

    Hooky is prancing about like a real twat when they perform on stage and there’s no bass guitar in that song.

    Basically – plug a bass guitar in a heavily detuned chorus effect and play a one finger / one string melody and that’s about it.

    He’s not exactly the “best bass player in the world”.

    It fits so well because the backing music is so easy to play along to.

    It’s just instinctive jamming over a solid foundation.

  23. i know i will get crap for this, but new order still sounds great. hook is just having a hissy fit. let him. yes i like his style but he was not the big fish of the band. just part of it, the same as everyone else.

  24. Batshiz Crazay

    New Order with Peter Hook is like Queen without their bass player… did anyone ever know his name?

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