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Contest: Win The Japanese Popstars’ ‘Take Forever’ 12-inch featuring Robert Smith

Irish electronic trio The Japanese Popstars next week will release a limited-edition 12-inch single featuring remixes of “Take Forever,” the track they recorded with Robert Smith of The Cure on vocals — and thanks to the fine folks over at Astralwerks, one lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs reader can win that plus a signed copy of the group’s recent 12-inch remix set featuring an exclusive Depeche Mode mix.

One randomly selected winner of this Japanese Popstars prize pack will receive:

  • A copy of the “Take Forever” limited-edition 12-single, out in the U.K. next week. The record features four remixes of the track, including Smith’s own RS@Home Remix (which you can stream here), plus the Attaque Remix, the Deadstock 33S Remix and the Raw Man Remix. (The remix package also is available digitally through the major online outlets.)
  • An autographed copy of The Remixes limited-edition 12-inch EP — which we also gave away earlier this year — featuring exclusive mixes of Depeche Mode’s “Peace,” 30 Seconds to Mars’s “Closer to the Edge” and Kylie Minogue’s “Better Than Today.” (For DM completists, this is the only way to get “Peace” on 12-inch vinyl, since that single famously wasn’t issued.)

To enter, simply drop a comment below — any comment. We’ll take entries until noon EST Friday, Nov. 11. After that point, we’ll randomly select a winner, who will be contacted via e-mail — so please remember to use a legit address. The winner must claim his or her prize within a week of being e-mailed, after which point a new winner will be selected.

UPDATE: The contest is now open to anyone in the world.




  1. Chuck Lazaro

    That is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in in a while!

  2. behind my smile, this (chance) shakes my teeth

  3. Commentus magnificum!

  4. You gotta get up early to beat Ebbhead to the punch.

  5. Wanted to take this opportunity to tell you your site ROCKS!! Keep up the excellent work!!

  6. I’m here! ;)

  7. Dresden Black

    I <3 Slicing Up Eyeballs.

  8. Brandon Ragan

    How totally cool!!!

  9. Angela Repas

    Nothing like getting your eyeballs sliced first thing of the morning. <3

  10. Would love to win this!! : )

  11. Disappointed to be excluded for living in the uk

  12. Love this site… Great contest! Depeche Mode The Cure = perfection :)

  13. this is my dropped comment!

  14. If Robert Smith is on it, it’s automatically good. This song just continues to prove that.

  15. In, if just for the awesome cover art. RS sounds like he had a stroke before recording this track. Creepy.

  16. Pick me

  17. Would like another piece of vinyl to add to the Cure related collection

  18. Would love, LOVE, love to get this piece of vinyl for my collection! Thanks for this opportunity. *fingers crossed to win*

  19. Robert Smith is my fave.

  20. Man this sounds good.

  21. Super cool contest on a super cool site!

  22. I discovered Japanese Popstars thanks the Peace remix for DM, I liked it a lot, so I continued to follow them. When the new black&white video for Destroy (the autoKratz mix is epic) came out I said “WoW” so at the start of the year I was very curious to listen Controlling Your Allegiance.
    The love for their music exploded with the killer-track Let Go and its hallucinogen video.
    Obviously the collaboration with Robert Smith on Take Forver is the cherry on the top of the pie.

  23. JPS are the best!

  24. Yes please.

  25. Very excited about this! :)

  26. I really like Robert’s remix of the track.

  27. Love the jap pops, love Rob and adore Depeche. This comp is perfect for me!!! PEACE………….

  28. Love remix’s, DM, Robert and 30!! Dream come true.

  29. Wouldn’t mind hearing their mix of 30 Seconds to Mars!

  30. Winning this might actually make me get on and buy a new turntable.

  31. The Japanese Popstars are def becoming my new fave Electronia group! Hope to win this! ^_^

  32. pick me please :)

  33. ¡¡¡Estos vinilos se vienen para España!!!. These singles come to Spain!!!

  34. Sean Pledger

    A wonderful, wonderful song. I have the digital version. Would love an analog vinyl copy xxx

  35. I’m in love with the Raw Man Remix. Better than the original.

  36. Love slicing!

  37. AndyTheCureFan

    I want the Take Forever 12 inch please!

  38. I’m happy to hear anything with Robert Smith’s voice. It’s great that he’s doing these side projects.

  39. pick me :)

  40. I would love to add this to my music collection.

  41. Me gusta!!!!

  42. AdoreTheCure

    Anything with Robert Smith is gold and going to be truly fantastic, in my opinion.

  43. Coolio–any comment it is.

  44. Life is greater than books

  45. 4 weeks till The Cure Reflections. Will you be there?

  46. Mr. Smith is brilliant.

  47. Whoop-dee-doo.

  48. The Other Keith

    shock this monkey!

  49. MaxwellDemon

    I want this…… Thank you

  50. this such an amazing single and it would awesome to own the physical thing. The cure rules and cannot wait to see them on the reflections tour!

  51. I need this! Starved of decent music down under….

  52. My two all time favorites. . The Cure and electronic music. I thought nothing could beat the 2007 Ultra Music festival when I saw them perform live, then hear great electro, but this collaboration is breathtaking. Thank you for the opportunity to have this on vinyl, signed by wonderful artist. My turntable would be beaming!

  53. Comment here.

  54. Mr. Smith makes all things sound dreamy.

  55. JPS, Robert Smith, Vinyl – what’s not to love?

  56. I’m commenting because I want to win.

  57. gimme!!!

  58. jah ting tally wacker…….nice

  59. Matthew Doran


  60. April Murphy


  61. Robert Smith remix……hmmmmm.

  62. I appreciate anything that gets Robert Smith’s creative juices flowing, even if it’s guesting on everybody else’s music.

  63. Amihay Borenstein


  64. john gaughan

    Well, if no one else wants this, I suppose I could make real good use of it ;)

  65. Erin McCormick

    I’m so excited! :)

  66. Thanks for the opportunity!

  67. would absolutely love to own a signed copy! Thanks for the opportunity!

  68. NEED ! (obviously !)

  69. Boy this would look good in my collection.

  70. I really dig this website!

  71. Love the contests! Great Site!

  72. Love being able to share this with my art students… enlighten them to the delights of music rather than noise…

  73. The Cure-FOREVER

  74. Very nice :)

  75. Love the site!!!!

  76. Cool! So grateful this website exists…

  77. desiree Richard

    I want this for my new husban!!!!!

  78. Trent Chavira


  79. cool beans!

  80. Dustan Jackson

    Sounds like a great giveaway!

  81. Love to win this!

  82. Sounds superb!

  83. I want!

  84. Let the “Take Forever” single come to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: it will have a great time down here.

  85. Delicious !!

  86. Love ” Take Forever “, great tune. Please choose me !!!!

  87. Sharon Crames

    Just found your website – so happy! And, seeing The Cure at the Beacon! Thanks for the chance to win!

  88. I would love these!


    This would be a most welcome addition! It showcases the wonderful way Robert’s voice can perform such incredible things. That’s why we love him so much.

  90. First heard of The Japanese Popstars from a DM remix. I ended up buying Controlling Your Allegiance after hearing some cuts from the album and it was good! The do great work…

    P.S. Love your site too by the way!

  91. Velton Coelho

    Great song!

  92. Slicing Up Eyeballs Rocks!!! I would love to have this :-)

  93. Great website, cannot believe I’ve only just found you!?
    Send me the swag please – big Cure and DM fan

  94. Ohhhhh. Looks cool.

  95. Robert Smith is my hero :)

  96. Love that track! Can’t wait to hear the remixes!

  97. Pick me!

  98. David Still

    c’est magnifique!!! fingers crossed!

  99. John Spitzer

    You had me at limited-edition 12-inch single…

  100. Sarah Doire

    These contests knock my socks off.

  101. I don’t know how they do it, but I’ll keep entering these contests until I win one!

  102. Tru artiglere

    Pick me!! Pick me!!!

  103. Can’t wait to hear Robert Smith…thanks SUE

  104. Robert Smith & Astralwerks? Very interested! (^-^)/

  105. Pick me! :-)

  106. Danny Stewart

    Plese pick me lol. Am a massive Cure and depeche mode fan. Thanks :-)

  107. Love Robert. Nice contest

  108. That’s cool! I’m glad its now open to anyone in the world.

  109. Contest is now closed, and the winner has been notified. Thanks so much for all the entries.

  110. Hi, do you have already pick a winner? Fingers crossed :)

  111. I would love to win this 12-inch, henceforth I am commenting!

  112. Not sure if this is still an open contest given the dates, but it says it is, so I’m giving it a go!

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