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New Order delays release of ‘Lost Sirens’ outtakes set, will play Australia in 2012

The reunited New Order apparently has pushed back the release of Lost Sirens — an eight-track CD/LP package featuring material left over from the recording sessions for 2005 swan song Waiting for the Sirens’ Call — from mid-December until March 19, according to an updated listing posted by

The 2012 release date isn’t particularly surprising, considering the album has yet to be officially announced by either the band or the label putting it out, Rhino Records. The collection first surfaced on the sites of a number of online web retailers, including the Japanese versions of mega-sellers Amazon and HMV, in mid-November.

According to the official product description of Lost Sirens:

Following the release of TOTAL: From Joy Division To New Order in early 2011 and the surprise success of Lost Siren track “Hellbent”, New Order are proud to announce the release of The Lost Sirens, an eight track mini album featuring Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Philip Cunningham. Featuring a truly eclectic mix of electronica and guitars in the way only New Order know how, The Lost Sirens features eight tracks which were recorded during the sessions for Waiting For The Sirens Call and are all previously unreleased. “Hellbent” features on The Lost Sirens in it’s original non-radio edit form (as per TOTAL) and “I Told You So” is a previously unreleased mix.

While New Order hasn’t formally announced the release, keyboardist Gillian Gilbert discussed Lost Sirens in a recent Brazilian interview to promote the band’s appearance in Sao Paulo this weekend. According to an English translation, she acknowledges issues with former member  Peter Hook, and says there is “a lot going on behind the scenes on the copyright.” She adds that the intention was to release the set at Christmas, “but I do not know if it will (be) delayed.”

The reunited New Order — Gilbert, Bernard SumnerStephen Morris, 2000s-era guitarist Phil Cunningham and Bad Lieutenant bassist Tom Chapman — played two shows in October, and is slated to perform in London and South America in this month. Future touring plans have not yet been announced, but in the Brazilian interview, Gilbert says, “We will do more festivals, we are going to Australia. We’re not thinking about recording, we’re just enjoying it now.”






  1. Someone over at Neworderonline claims that Peter Hook is blocking the release of Lost Sirens in relatiation for New Order blocking the release of the previously unheard Joy Division song Hook was planning. Drama!

  2. Man I was so super excited for this release in december and now I have to wait more, crap this sucks big time

  3. If Hooky IS blocking this release, then there’s just another reason to put him presumably in the Roger Waters basket (i.e. ticked off ex-member who thinks he can use legal force to dislodge the musical identity of the majority membership). A shame. I had this EP on my Christmas list! It will now wait until my birthday (April 2012). BUT… Gill’s hint of AUSTRALIA shows next year… I’m assuming it’s not part of the Big Day Out festivals in Jan-Feb? As an Aussie living in Victoria, I’d pay $$$ to see this line-up in either Melbourne or Adelaide.

  4. what drives me crazy (aside from everything Peter Hook does) is that when he was milking Joy Division’s history with the Light performing JD’s albums in full, I was fuming, and yet people were actually paying money to go see this idiot. Now he turns around and does this– I don’t see it as blocking the band, I see it as blocking the fans. Many of whom suppported his non-stop raping of Joy Division’s sacred name. I just see him screwing over fans, nothing more. And then he’ll want you to buy his book and come see his… well, he’s already milked both JD albums, so what now? I bet he goes for New Order material next! Stop paying this guy money, plain and simple.

  5. I’m in Vic, Australia too… and last time I saw New Order was at Big Day Out 2002 (my last BDO!). I’d love to see a side show/smaller gig for New Order. Fingers crossed. My girlfriend has never seen them, so it would be a great gig for both of us.

    Yeah, Peter Hook has hit Roger Water bitter/suing status. Oh well… never mind. I don’t care much for the politics of it all. New Order AND Joy Division’s music lives on regardless.

    And with or without him, I’d love to hear New Order again with Bernard on vocals. I listened to Total again today on the plane ride home. Rockin`!

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