Auto Reverse, Mixtape — January 3, 2012 at 7:31 am

Download: Auto Reverse — Slicing Up Eyeballs Mixtape (January 2012)

New (work) week, new month, new year… time, it would seem, for the latest in our monthly series of Auto Reverse mixtapes — two 45-minute sides to help you ease back into post-holiday life. Below, you can stream or download the two sides, crammed, as always, with some ’80s college-rock favorites and a few new tracks.

This month’s tape includes new music from Tommy Stinson, the Pet Shop Boys’ Chris Lowe, David Newton of The Mighty Lemon Drops, and Billy Bragg, plus old favorites from the likes of the Hoodoo Gurus, Front 242, The La’s, The Housemartins, Guadalcanal Diary and many more.

Check it about below — and enjoy.


Auto Reverse: Slicing Up Eyeballs Mixtape (January 2012) by Slicing Up Eyeballs


Tracklist: Auto Reverse: Slicing Up Eyeballs Mixtape (January 2012)

1. Stop Modernists f/ Chris Lowe, “Sub-culture” (New Order)
2. Pet Shop Boys, “Closer to Heaven”
3. Beloved, “Hello”
4. Hoodoo Gurus, “Come Anytime”
5. Ian McCulloch, “Lover, Lover, Lover”
6. Billy Bragg, “Never Buy the Sun”
7. Doug Martsch, “Reel Around the Fountain” (The Smiths)
8. The Sisters of Mercy, “I Was Wrong” (American Fade)
9. The Mission, “Deliverance” (Live 1988)
10. Front 242, “Welcome to Paradise”
11. Minstry, “Say You’re Sorry”

1. The Cure, “A Japanese Dream”
2. Dave Gahan, “I Need You”
3. David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels, “Paint The Town”
4. Tommy Stinson, “Meant To Be”
5. Guadalcanal Diary, “Always Saturday”
6. The Housemartins, “The People Who Grinned Themselves to Death”
7. The La’s, “There She Goes” (Live 1989)
8. Daniel Ash, “Candy Darling”
9. Simple Minds, “I Wish You Were Here”
10. Lloyd Cole & The Commotions, “Perfect Skin” (Demo)
11. The Jesus and Mary Chain, “Darklands” (With Strings)
12. Jack White, “Love is Blindness” (U2)






  1. Great mix again. I always loved that Hoodoo Gurus song.

  2. Thanks Matt! Always look forward to this! Keep up the great work in 2012.

  3. Newb to the site (found you via your listing of New Orders Mojo covers lp).

    Will give your newest mixtape a listen been years since I’ve heard those Beloved & Hoodoo Gurus tracks.

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