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Tracklist revealed for Simple Minds ‘x5’ box set featuring band’s first five albums

Last fall, Simple Minds announced plans to release a new box set containing the band’s first five albums and an untold number of bonus cuts — and now, with the collection and accompanying European tour due next month, we’re finally getting a look at the set’s tracklist, via our friends at The Second Disc. 

Due out Feb. 13 in the U.K., the six-disc Simple Minds x5 will collect Life In A DayReal To Real CacophonyEmpires and DanceSons and Fascination/Sister Feelings Calling and New Gold Dream (81, 82, 83, 84), with Sons and Fascination and Sister Feelings Calling packaged as separate discs.

As The Second Disc notes, the new editions feature the same remastering of the albums released in 2002, but each disc is appended with between two and six newly remastered bonus cuts, which include B-sides, remixes and live tracks. All, however, have previously been released.


Tracklist: Simple Minds x5

CD 1: Life in a Day
1. “Someone”
2. “Life in a Day”
3. “Sad Affair”
4. “All for You”
5. “Pleasantly Disturbed”
6. “No Cure”
7. “Chelsea Girl”
8. “Wasteland”
9. “Destiny”
10. “Murder Story”
11. “Special View” (B-side to “Life in a Day”) *
12. “Garden of Hate” (B-side to “Chelsea Girl”) *

CD 2: Real to Real Cacophony
1. “Reel to Real”
2. “Naked Eye”
3. “Citizen (Dance of Youth)”
4. “Carnival (Shelter in a Suitcase)”
5. “Factory”
6. “Cacophony”
7. “Veldt”
8. “Premonition”
9. “Changeling”
10. “Film Theme”
11. “Calling Your Name”
12. “Scar”
13. “Kaleidoscope” (Flexi-disc A-side) *
14. “Film Theme (Dub)” (Flexi-disc B-side) *
15. “Premonition” (Live) (B-side to “Changeling”) *

CD 3: Empires and Dance 
1. “I Travel”
2. “Today I Died Again”
3. “Celebrate”
4. “This Fear of Gods”
5. “Capital City”
6. “Constantinople Line”
7. “Twist/Run/Repulsion”
8. “Thirty Frames a Second”
9. “Kant Kino”
10. “Room”
11. “New Warm Skin” (B-side to “I Travel”) *
12. “I Travel (Extended Mix)” (12″ A-side) *
13. “Celebrate (Extended Mix)” (12″ A-side) *

CD 4: Sons and Fascination
1. “In Trance As Mission”
2. “Sweat in Bullet”
3. “70 Cities As Love Brings the Fall”
4. “Boys from Brazil”
5. “Love Song”
6. “This Earth That You Walk Upon”
7. “Sons and Fascination”
8. “Seeing Out the Angel”
9. “Sweat in Bullet (Extended Remix)” (12″ A-side) *
10. “In Trance As Mission” (Live) (B-side to “Sweat in Bullet” 12″) *
11. “This Earth That You Walk Upon (Instrumental)” (B-side to “Love Song” 12″) *

CD 5: Sister Feelings Call
1. “Theme for Great Cities”
2. “The American”
3. “20th Century Promised Land”
4. “Wonderful in Young Life”
5. “League of Nations”
6. “Careful in Career”
7. “Sound in 70 Cities”
8. “The American (Extended Mix)” (12″ A-side) *
9. “League of Nations” (Live) (B-side to “Sweat in Bullet” 12″) *

CD 6: New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) 
1. “Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)”
2. “Colours Fly and Catherine Wheel”
3. “Promised You a Miracle”
4. “Big Sleep”
5. “Somebody Up There Likes You”
6. “New Gold Dream (81/82/83/84)”
7. “Glittering Prize”
8. “Hunter and the Hunted”
9. “King is White and in the Crowd”
10. “Promised You a Miracle (Extended Version)” (12″ A-side) *
11. “Glittering Prize (Club Mix)” (12″ A-side) *
12. “Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) (Extended Mix)” (12″ A-side) *
13. “Soundtrack for Every Heaven” (B-side to “Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)” 12″) *
14. “New Gold Dream (81/82/83/84) (German 12” Remix)” (12″ A-side) *
15. “In Every Heaven” (from New Gold Dream DVD-Audio) *

* Bonus tracks






  1. Good thing this is the UK remasters. I did an A/B comparison between the different versions of New Gold Dream and the difference is obvious within 5 seconds on Someone, Somewhere In Summertime. The top end is gone on the U.S. version and the vocals have been pushed up front more and they got rid of some of the reverb and echo that should be there. It’s a travesty what they did to it. UK remaster sounds superb.

  2. “Seeing Out the Angel (Instrumental)” is missing from this set! it was the “Promised You a Miracle” 12″ B’side and could be added at the end of the “Sons & Fascination” or “Sister Feelings Call” CD as it is from the same period!

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