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The Wedding Present to release ‘Live 1990’ — featuring band’s first North American concert

The Wedding Present this month will release the fourth in its series of archival live albums, collecting remastered versions of the seventh and eighth of the band’s live cassettes that were only sold at shows and through the group’s fanzine.

Due out Jan. 9 in the U.K. and Jan. 17 in North America, Live 1990 features the band’s first-ever concert in North America — a gig at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, N.J. — and a London concert. The sets lean heavily on Bizarro, but also feature cuts from the then-unreleased Seamonsters album.

David Gedge and Co. are planning to release a new studio album this spring, and have announced a North American tour to coincide with that, which also will see the band performing Seamonsters in its entirety in honor of that album’s 21st anniversary.


Tracklist: The Wedding Present, Live 1990

CD 1: Live at Hoboken, New Jersey, Maxwell’s
1, “Don’t Talk, Just Kiss”
2. “Make Me Smile [Come Up And See Me]”
3. “Corduroy”
4. “Kennedy”
5. “I’m Not Always So Stupid”
6. “Heather”
7. “Brassneck”
8. “Bewitched”
9. “Take Me!”
10. “Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft”
11. “Crawl”
12. “What Have I Said Now?”

CD 2: Live at London Kilburn National Ballroom
1. “Dalliance”
2. “Don’t Talk, Just Kiss”
3. “Kennedy”
4. “Crawl”
5. “Heather”
6. “Brassneck”
7, “Corduroy”
8. “Take Me!”
9. “Bewitched”
10. “Dare”
11. “What Have I Said Now?”
12. “I’m Not Always So Stupid”
14. “Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft”
14. “Niagara”





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