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Peter Murphy’s ‘Miracula Sessions’: Bid on an all-inclusive, $4,000 weekend in Las Vegas

A small group of well-heeled Peter Murphy fans will get the opportunity to spend a private weekend in Las Vegas wining and dining with the former Bauhaus frontman this March when the singer hosts “The Miracula Sessions,” billed as “an intimate, all inclusive weekend that will afford fans unparalleled access to Peter himself.”

The cost? At least $4,000 per person.

Set for March 2-4, the event will be limited to fewer than 50 guests, and slots are being sold through an online auction that opens today and will run through 12 p.m. PST Jan. 24. The minimum starting bid, however, is $3,995 for a single ticket.

That ticket will get you access to a private Friday night welcome party with Murphy; followed, on Saturday, by a 2-act performance in a “secluded Las Vegas mansion” with a special setlist, a question-and-answer session with the singer and a “sumptuous dinner prepared by a world-class chef” and hosted by Murphy’; and, on Sunday, a farewell lunch with Murphy “at a world-famous Las Vegas Moroccan restaurant.” Each guest also will receive a one-of-a-kind gift from Murphy.

Intrigued? Start your bidding here.

Check out the full details, according to Sin City All Access Events:


Peter Murphy: The Miracula Sessions

Sin City All Access Events cordially invites you to an incredibly special event

An experience like no other, in a location known for its decadent splendor, fewer than 50 fortuitous guests will join Peter Murphy in Las Vegas for an intimate, all inclusive weekend that will afford fans unparalleled access to Peter himself.

On Friday evening, you are invited to a private welcome party hosted by Peter Murphy. Free flowing libations, luscious treats, and the opportunity to spend some time with Peter will make this an exceptional evening….. and it’s just the beginning of a weekend you will never forget.

Saturday night’s location: a secluded, elegant Las Vegas mansion. The highlight of the weekend: a private 2-act performance in secluded Las Vegas mansion that Peter has specially planned for the evening, with a setlist that he has chosen especially for the lucky few in attendance. During the evening, Peter will take questions from his guests….and no one knows where the conversation may lead. The night will be an extraordinary experience for all your senses. After the show, Peter will host his guests at a sumptuous dinner prepared by world-class chef.

On Sunday, everyone will join Peter for a farewell lunch at a world-famous Las Vegas Moroccan restaurant.

Every guest in attendance will also receive unique, one of a kind, limited edition gifts personally chosen by Peter Murphy.

This is an event not to be missed….the first of its kind for Peter Murphy’s fans. A unique happening that has never been….. will you be able to say you were there?






  1. Batshiz Crazay

    Saw him in Atlanta 2 months ago. Angry, obnoxious, yelled at his sound guy, threw his ear monitors off stage at him, kicked my cell phone out of my hand with his shoe and acted like an all around baby the entire night. He would need to pay *me* for the honor of my company with him. :)

    • So, were you recording the show on your phone or talking on it during the set?

      • Batshiz Crazay

        Neither. Taking a photo along with every other person who had their cell phone and/or camera out taking photos… which was almost everyone at the show including those who actually were recording the set with their cell phones above our heads.

    • Some things never change. My friend saw him twenty years ago or so in Portland and he kicked some girl that climbed up on the stage. Apparently has some anger issues.

    • Watch your cameras…we eat them for dinner.

  2. and im a big fan but that price is not in the real world…TOTALY overpriced event im afaid folks.
    he wil be lucky if TEN fans buy into that….its all about paying for the next studio album……not impressed with this event after all the build up..should be a more realistic priced event more like $500 fo ra tkt.

  3. Even bowie,madonna,prince,bono and artisits of that caliber would not charge that kind of amount…maybe if it was for a charity event……….but 5 grand????? insane!

  4. Four Thousand Dollars at least? Do you get a shag out of that? ;-) I hate these patronising expensive meet and greet events at the best of times – but especially in this austere climate this is completely out of touch with reality. The people who pay for this deserve to be fleeced – they would obviously have more money than sense. If anyone is compelled to spend this amount of money on this – think again – your nearest hospital may well need it towards life-saving equipment.

  5. I am a huge Murphy fan. Huge. A completist. And a fascianted student of Sufism thanks to the Murph.

    Having said that, I gotta say:

    Peter has a very, very touchy and unpredictable personality….and I would be VERY hesitant to put this kind of money down. And some of his past antics have not been very flattering to say the least. Wonderful artist, but most definitely a very difficult artists temperament to go with it.

    • jamal turkey

      i would agree. he even bailed on a paid meet and greet in 2011. “their sycophantic gifts…were never enough….” oh the irony….duniya fani, baki Hu….

  6. Remember back when being a die-hard Peter Murphy fan meant just having the Japanese cd/VHS tape Composition?
    He could’ve made extra cash for having paid meet and greets during his last tour- I would’ve gone for that, or some merchandise-Morrissey sold signed vinyl copies the last time i saw him-they didn’t promote it, but the hard-core fans knew from reading message board postings….this just seems so completely…out of every die-hard fans league.
    Unlike others here, I’ve seen him solo and with Bauhaus numerous times since the 80s and have never had a bad concert experience.

  7. Seen him 4 times – it was a completely different experience each time. I would almost go so far as to say it was not the same person.

    This $4k is ridiculous. No thanks.

    • I was talking with a friend about this and he came up with an interesting point – has Peter Murphy agreed to this ridiculous amount to price himself out of doing it? Is this his way of saying no to the organisers? If so it may have backfired – at the point of writing 20 bids have been made – wonder if they are all genuine?

  8. If the same style of event was held with Depeche Mode… I would find a way to cough up 4k…

  9. May be expensive but it seems worth it based on what people have been saying on Fb. Either way I do like that Trent Reznor endorsed the event…

  10. I’m going to introduce myself right off the bat
    (the vampire bat) so there’s no mistake who this is. I’m Scott Briggs, author/critic, malcontent, and a major Peter Murphy/Bauhaus etc. fan from L.I. NY who has been a dedicated fan since around 1985 or so. This whole thing is a JOKE, and as a dedicated, long-time fan of Peter, Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, et al., I’m getting sick and tired of all of this
    recent nonsense, and this is just the CAPPER of
    recent b.s. I saw Peter in Brooklyn a few Sundays
    ago and it was a great show, but he wanted $80
    for an after show private meet-and-greet. I balked,
    I bailed on it, and many other hardcore fans told me they
    did as well. But this Miracula nonsense takes the cake.
    I’m ready to sell or burn all my Peter etc. CDs after
    reading this. By the way, his web site says tickets
    are $500, this message is still posted today, so what
    this nonsense is I dunno, maybe it’s a joke but I doubt
    it. I also had the “privilege” of seeing David J
    do a middling concert in NYC at The Delancey this past Tuesday
    night, and you can read my disgusted review right now,
    here, on the Peter Murphy Yahoo Group Roll Call:

    David jetted the building immediately after the show, and worse, his promised offered signed merchandise didn’t materialize, leaving some dedicated fans in the lurch. Plus there were barely 50 people in attendance anyway. Really sad.
    You can only use the temperamental artist trope so long before
    your fans get pissed off and fed up, and just abandon you.
    Which, from the tiny crowds at these recent shows alone,
    seems to sadly be the case with Peter and David.
    Oh, and Peter pulled the same stuff mentioned by the guy
    above at a show last year in L.I. claimed he had no ear
    monitor to read on, and he also yelled and cursed at the
    sound guy stage right or whatever. I had blamed all those
    issues on the venue at the time, but now, I’m not so sure.
    C’mon, Peter and David, you’re not U2, let’s get some
    professionalism back or just retire to your respective
    crypts already and do the decent thing. I’m not paying
    $20,000 to fly to L.A. to be a Miracula Victim, like a
    fashion victim, but much, much worse. &80 is starting
    to seem like a bargain, after reading this greedy absurd
    nonsense. I’d rather spend my Halloween eating Count
    Chocula and listening to Slim Whitman than submit to this
    avaricious money-grabbing stunt.

  11. Ok, so I was inadvertently commenting on the previous
    Miracula event in Las Vegas, I’m talking about the upcoming
    Halloween Los Angeles event which Peter’s site is
    quoting at $500 per ticket. I still think this is
    pretty ridiculous and overpriced. No thanks. And
    my previous comments still stand since the prices
    being asked for the earlier Vegas event were beyond

  12. Dear Scott,
    My name is Joe Ciaglia, owner and creator of Inside the Music in Las Vegas. I created and developed the Miracula Sessions for Peter Murphy early last year. I’m sorry that you feel so strongly about the price point for the event, however, perhaps I can shed some light for you to explain how unique this experience was. I will use the word “experience” because that is exactly what it was. It afforded fans the opportunity to get to the know the artist personally, receive one of a kind gifts, and enjoy first class accommodations that Las Vegas has to offer. This was not like going to a show with a 5 minute meet and greet. The bidding system is designed to allow fans an opportunity to pay what the event is worth to them. When was the last time you went to Las Vegas, stayed in a 5 diamond hotel, ate in the finest restaurants, and enjoyed private chauffeured transportation and didn’t spend any money? I do understand that these events are not for everyone. You have many opportunities to see Peter Murphy in small venues across the country, usually for less than $50. These events are special, we spare no expense, and deliver a once in a lifetime experience for the fans that understand the concept. I hope that this gives you a better understanding of what this company is trying to create. I was not involved in the Halloween experience in Los Angeles so I can only comment on the Vegas event. I welcome your questions and feedback, so perhaps you would like to email me privately.

    keep well,
    Joe C.

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