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Stream: Ministry live at Misfits in Chicago, March 1982 — earliest live recordings

For fans of Ministry’s early synthpop incarnation, here’s a real treat: Four tracks recorded live in Chicago at the short-lived Misfits club in March 1982, the earliest known live recordings of Al Jourgensen and Co. made nearly 30 years ago — and long before the group morphed into an industrial giant and then near-metal act.

The tracks — early singles “Cold Life” and “I’m Falling,” plus “Overkill,” which didn’t surface until 2004’s Early Trax, and unreleased instrumental “Funkamental” — were uploaded to YouTube earlier this month by TheRobSquaredShow, and, as the Wax Trax Chicago site notes, “There are some different takes of old well as unreleased material. The quality is quite good for a small club recording and is highly suggested for any early era Ministry fan.”

More than a year before the release of With Sympathy, this performance at Misfits — where Ministry played its first-ever live show Jan. 1, 1982 — featured Jourgensen on guitar and vocals, Stephen George on drums, John Davis on synths and Robert Roberts on bass synth.


STREAM: Ministry, “Cold Life,” live at Misfits, Chicago, March 1982


STREAM: Ministry, “I’m Falling,” live at Misfits, Chicago, March 1982


STREAM: Ministry, “Overkill,” live at Misfits, Chicago, March 1982


STREAM: Ministry, “Funkamental,” live at Misfits, Chicago, March 1982






  1. FYI, the uploader ‘TheRobSquaredShow’ is none other than ex-Ministry synth player Robert Roberts. :)

  2. Batshiz Crazay

    Very early Killing Joke-ish. Shame Jourgenson disavows his original material… it’s quite good.

  3. Even earlier: pre-Ministry Jourgensen and pre-TKK Groovie Mann as Special Affect (1980) –

  4. Al should blow everyone’s expectations for a reformed Ministry and tour With Sympathy plus the early Wax Trax singles – as written, not retooled for his aggro-metal sound.

  5. Ministry could have been one of the synth-pop greats, shame…

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