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Dalis Car ‘InGladAloneness’ EP — featuring Peter Murphy, Mick Karn — out in April

More than a year after the death of former Japan bassist Mick Karn, fans finally will get a chance to hear the Dalis Car EP he recorded with Peter Murphy in the fall of 2010, a five-track collection that represents the briefly reunited duo’s first work together since their lone album, The Waking Hour, came out in 1984.

Titled InGladAloneness, the EP will be released on CD this spring via Karn’s online store at; pre-order are being taken now, and the discs will ship April 5.

Last July, Karn’s family released one of the EP’s tracks, a newly  reworked version of the instrumental “Artemis,” off The Waking Hour, with new vocals and lyrics by the former Bauhaus singer. The new Dalis Car music also features Karn’s Japan bandmate Steve Jansen, Theo Travis and Jakko M. Jakszyk.

According to promotional material for the new release:

InGladAloneness begins with the life-affirming ‘King Cloud’ and ‘Sound Cloud.’ Driven by Karn’s dense and compelling bass and bassoon patterns and Murphy’s singular voice, the songs contain lyrics that emotionally echo Murphy’s response to Karn’s condition and suggest musical directions the project might have pursued had it continued as a creative concern. Along with the inventively multi-layered re-imagining of ‘Artemis’ (from ‘The Waking Hour’), these pieces operate as the rhythmically propelled spiritual storm before the glacial calm of the two closing numbers. The Arvo Part meets Turkish chant lament of ‘Subhanallah’ and – prefaced by a mournful Karn instrumental – the deeply personal reading of Jaques Brel’s classic ‘If You Go Away’ (a favourite song of Karn’s), provide a moving conclusion to a poignant final statement.”

InGladAloneness can be pre-ordered here for £5.99 (about $9.40).


Tracklist: Dalis Car, InGladAloneness EP

1. “King Cloud” (5.01)
2. “Sound Cloud” (4.25)
3. “Artemis” (4.52)
4. “Subhanallah” (2.16)
5. “If You Go Away” (2.51)





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  1. Sounds good! Can’t wait for this.

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