Digital Music — February 13, 2012 at 4:04 pm

Stream: Public Image Ltd., ‘One Drop’ — John Lydon’s first new PiL recording in 20 years

As promised, the first new Public Image Ltd. song in 20 years — a lilting, almost dub-ska track called “One Drop” — received its worldwide debut today via Steve Lamacq’s afternoon show on BBC’s 6 Music. You can stream the track, with the DJ’s intro and outro, via the player below. The song will be released on a vinyl EP as part of Record Store Day on April 21 in advance of the release of the full-length This Is PiL in May or June. Check out full details on the first new PiL music since 1992’s  That What Is Not right here.







  1. welcome back, ya old rotter! xx

  2. Not bad, not bad…sounds a bit like a demo, or live, a bit of “Careering” in there, mixed with something from ‘9’. It could be worse… I hope they hit Chicago. (music’s not bad, with Lydon’s vocals maybe a *bit* too high in the mix)
    Thank you for posting…been looking on YouTube for it all afternoon.

  3. Not too shabby. I was hoping for something a little more daring musically (e.g., “The Rabbit Song”) but I think it’s just fine. Glad they made a new record.

  4. Sounds a bit like “Like That” from the ‘9’ album. Still good. Like the strain in the vocals. Good stuff, John.

  5. I am not going with “not too bad”…I’m ecstatic I have a new PIL song to listen to. Fantastic!

  6. Excellent song.

  7. Love it, nice return!

  8. Batshiz Crazay

    Actually quite good. Was never huge fan but i do like this a lot. :)

  9. Sounds awesome. Too bad Jah Wobble wasn’t playing bass on this track. I too wish it was a bit more daring but whatever… glad to have John back with a great track. Metal Box part II anyone?


  11. Love it! Me and my friends are waiting for PIL in Argentina. Excellent song, a new PIL song to enjoy!!!!!!!

  12. “this is PiL?”

    More like “this is krap!”


    People: There’s a recession out there. Save your money. Better yet, get the Wobble/Levene EP which was released on I-tunes on Feb. 13th.

  13. Why is the Wobble/Levene Ep so much better? I heard ‘fuck’ a lot in one song. Is that why?

  14. Absolutely horrid. Lydon never knew when to quit.

  15. Ho ho ho! I’m not a huge fan of him but my father is, and I find it quite well.

  16. “This is Pants”

  17. Lloyd Evans

    Horrible. Sounds like Amazulu with someone trying to be Wobble on bass; some very lazy lyrics as well.

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