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Sony: My Bloody Valentine ‘Isn’t Anything,’ ‘Loveless’ reissues, ‘EPs 1988-1991’ out in May

After years of delays, the Irish arm of Sony Music today announced that remastered version of My Bloody Valentine’s two albums — 1988′s Isn’t Anything and 1991’s Loveless — finally will be released this May alongside the new 2CD set EPs 1988-1991, which will compile EPs, B-sides and three previously unreleased tracks.

The three titles are due out May 7 in the U.K., and all “have been painstakingly remastered by Kevin Shields at Metropolis Studios in London.” Isn’t Anything is a single-disc release, but Loveless features the new remastering plus, on a second disc, “a previous remastering from original analogue tapes, completed by Kevin Shields but never released.”

The new 23-track, 2CD EPs compilation, which we first reported last month, collects MBV’s four EPs — You Made Me Realise (1988), Feed Me With Your Kiss (1988), Glider (1990) and Tremolo (1991) — plus four rare B-sides and previously unreleased tracks “Angel,” “Good For You” and “How You Do It” (see full tracklists below).

As loyal readers of our MBV Watch feature know, we’ve reported at least nine different release dates for the Isn’t Anything and Loveless reissues since November 2009, but those all have been based on listings at online retailers such as Amazon.co.uk and HMV.com. This is the first news to come directly from Sony about the MBV reissues in years.

UPDATE: The plot thickens. Sony already has pulled the press release about the My Bloody Valentine reissues from its website. But here’s a screenshot of what it looked like.

UPDATE #2: We’ve received an e-mail from Sony UK confirming their inadvertent “leak” of the My Bloody Valentine reissue news, which also now has been announced on the band’s Facebook page. Plus, we’ve added the new EP’s artwork below.


Tracklist: My Bloody Valentine, Isn’t Anything

1. “Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside)”
2. “Lose My Breath”
3. “Cupid Come”
4. “(When You Wake) You’re Still In A Dream”
5. “No More Sorry”
6. “All I Need”
7. “Feed Me With Your Kiss”
8. “Sueisfine”
9. “Several Girls Galore”
10. “You Never Should”
11. “Nothing Much To Lose”
12. “I Can See It (But I Can’t Feel It)”


Tracklist: My Bloody Valentine, Loveless

CD 1: Remastered From Original Tape
1. “Only Shallow”
2. “Loomer”
3. “Touched”
4. “To Uere Knows When”
5. “When You Sleep”
6. “I Only Said”
7. “Come In Alone”
8. “Sometimes”
9. “Blown A Wish”
10. “What You Want”
11. “Soon”

CD 2: Mastered From Original 1/2-Inch Analogue Tapes
1. “Only Shallow”
2. “Loomer”
3. “Touched”
4. “To Here Knows When”
5. “When You Sleep”
6. “I Only Said”
7. “Come In Alone”
8. “Sometimes”
9. “Blown A Wish”
10. “What You Want”
11. “Soon”


Tracklist: My Bloody Valentine, EPs 1988-1991

CD 1
1. “You Made Me Realise” (From ‘You Made Me Realise’ EP)
2. “Slow” (From ‘You Made Me Realise’ EP)
3. “Thorn” (From ‘You Made Me Realise’ EP)
4. “Cigarette In Your Bed” (From ‘You Made Me Realise’ EP)
5. “Drive It All Over Me” (From ‘You Made Me Realise’ EP)
6. “Feed Me With Your Kiss” (From ‘Feed Me With Your Kiss’ EP)
7. “I Believe” (From ‘Feed Me With Your Kiss’ EP)
8. “Emptiness Inside” (From ‘Feed Me With Your Kiss’ EP)
9. “I Need No Trust” (From ‘Feed Me With Your Kiss’ EP)
10. “Soon” (From ‘Glider’ EP)
11. “Glider” (From ‘Glider’ EP)
12. “Don’t Ask Why” (From ‘Glider’ EP)
13. “Off Your Face” (From ‘Glider’ EP)

CD 2
1. “To Here Knows When” (From ‘Tremolo’ EP)
2. “Swallow” (From ‘Tremolo’ EP)
3. “Honey Power” (From ‘Tremolo’ EP)
4. “Moon Song” (From ‘Tremolo’ EP)
5. “Instrumental No. 2” (Distributed on a free 7” with the first 5,000 ‘Isn’t Anything’ LPs)
6. “Instrumental No. 1” (Distributed on a free 7” with the first 5,000 ‘Isn’t Anything’ LPs)
7. “Glider (Full Length Version)” (B-side on the ‘Soon (The Andrew Weatherall Mix)’ 12”)
8. “Sugar” (Promo-only B-side on ‘Only Shallow’ LP, France only)
9. “Angel” (Previously unreleased)
10. “Good For You” (Previously unreleased)
11. “How Do You Do It” (Previously unreleased)






  1. May of what year?
    [ RIM SHOT ]

  2. Michael Toland

    What about U.S. releases?

  3. Sony pulled the press release from the website. Oh no, it’s happening again!

  4. Are you sure? Cos the link is 404, and there is nothing on SonyIE’s website about this that I can see. Just sayin.

  5. Batshiz Crazay

    Maybe Kevin Shields wants to re-remaster the new remaster. You know how picky he is.

  6. I hope he kept the connecting bits between the tracks on Tremolo. When Loveless came out, I enjoy it for a bit but after a while found myself skipping it altogether and getting out Tremolo for my MBV fix. It’s a thing of beauty.

  7. It’s been so long.

  8. Wish the EP release had their Wire cover (amazing) and the promo only “incindental #1” (boring but completionists would want)…

  9. at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….but i’ll believe when I have them in my hands :)

  10. Kelldicott

    WHY THE HEY IS THE ANDREW WEATHERALL REMIX OF “SOON” NOT ON HERE?! Okay, sorry to yell. But c’mon, it’s fantastic! Really, they’re leaving it off? Pfffff.

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