Auto Reverse, Mixtape — April 2, 2012 at 7:39 am

Download: Auto Reverse — Slicing Up Eyeballs Mixtape (April 2012)

By now, you now the drill: New month, new mixtape. So here it is, the latest in our monthly series of Auto Reverse mixtapes — two 45-minute slabs of music to help you ease into April. Below, you can stream or download the two sides, crammed, as always, with some vintage ’80s college rock and a handful of new tracks.

This month’s tape includes brand-new music from Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan, World Party, Mission of BurmaKilling Joke and Paul Weller, plus old favorites from the likes of Talking Heads, Ian McCulloch, Grant Hart, Camouflage, Easterhouse, Simple Minds and Figures on a Beach.

Check it about below — and enjoy.



Tracklist: Auto Reverse — Slicing Up Eyeballs Mixtape (April 2012)

1. Talking Heads, “Mr. Jones”
2. The Smithereens, “Only a Memory”
3. Soulsavers f/ Dave Gahan, “Longest Day”
4. Killing Joke, “In Cythera”
5. The Smiths, “Half a Person” (Peel Session)
6. Simple Minds, “Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)” (Extended Mix)
7. Ian McCulloch, “Proud to Fall”
8. Easterhouse, “Inspiration”
9. Voice of the Beehive, “Monsters and Angels”
10. Porno for Pyros, “Tahitian Moon”
11. The Primitives, “You Are the Way” (Re-Ravishing Mix)

1. J Mascis and The Fog, “Same Day”
2. Mission of Burma, “Dust Devil”
3. Paul Weller, “Dragonfly”
4. Freebass f/ Tim Burgees, “You Don’t Know This About Me”
5. Ministry, “All Day Remix” (LP Version)
6. Camouflage, “Neighbours”
7. The Long Ryders, “And She Rides”
8. Figures on a Beach, “No Stars”
9. INXS, “This Time” (Single Version)
10. Grant Hart, “2541”
11. World Party, “Words”






  1. We do know the drill, BUT we don’t take your hard work for granted!! Thanks for all you do on this site, which I check each day!

  2. Here here!

  3. You should really start using Maxell tapes for these. They always ran for about 46:30 each side! ;)

  4. The Madcircle

    yea, just want to chime in that this is a daily check for me as well. Always my favorite music and bands. Thanks for the mixtapes, they are amazing!

  5. It is by divine providence that I was able to get into the site today (via the work-aherm-address). But OH WHAT A TEASE! That I cannot get to the soundcloud. Love the things that you do Slicing Up Eyeballs!

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