Album News, Tracklist — April 13, 2012 at 7:08 am

Public Image Ltd. reveals ‘This Is PiL’ tracklist — John Lydon & Co.’s first album in 20 years

John Lydon this week unveiled the tracklist for the first new Public Image Ltd. album in 20 years, a 12-track, self-financed record called This Is PiL that will be preceded by the previously announced Record Store Day vinyl EP that will include four of the tracks earmarked for the new full-length collection, including lead-off single “One Drop.”

In a news release, Lydon discussed PiL’s new music:

“Well, 12 songs, where do I begin? Everything and anything that attracts my attention. ‘One Drop’ is about my early youth in Finsbury Park. Fantastic! Hello, we’re all teenagers don’t you forget it! At any age, stay young. ‘Lollipop Opera’ is basically a beautiful bunch of background noise and music to sum up Britain and all its wonderful ambidextrousness! ‘The Room I Am In’ well that’s about drugs and council flats. And there’s a tragedy that still continues. ‘I Must Be Dreaming’ well, you know, I must be to put up with these governments.”

Due out May 28, the album was recorded by the new incarnation of PiL — featuring late-’80s members Lu Edmonds (a former Damned guitarist) and Bruce Smith (onetime drummer for The Slits and The Pop Group), as well as new bassist Scott Firth — at Steve Winwood’s studio in the U.K. last year and will be self-released on the band’s PiL Official label.

Check out the full tracklist and stream “One Drop” below.


Tracklist: Public Image Ltd., This Is PiL

1. “This Is PiL”
2. “One Drop”
3. “Deeper Water”
4. “Terra-Gate”
5. “Human”
6. “I Must Be Dreaming”
7. “It Said That”
8. “The Room I Am In”
9. “Lollipop Opera”
10. “Fool”
11. “Reggie Song”
12. “Out Of The Woods”







  1. “Hello, we’re all teenagers don’t you forget it! At any age, stay young.”

    And we wonder why the world is so f****d up.

  2. Cant wait for this!

  3. Awesome or not, I am so excited.

  4. Wow, I just bought a PIL shirt recently. Guess I was feeling clairvoyant. Looking forward to this.

  5. Rubberpigg

    I like the song!
    Nice reggae feel to it.

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