Reunions — April 26, 2012 at 6:51 am

Johnny Marr: ‘Once again, rumors of a Smiths reunion are untrue. It’s not happening’

The Internet was abuzz this morning with rumors of a reunion by The Smiths this fall, fueled by a report from that the band “are to throw their differences aside and return to the live stage this autumn.” After having a bit of fun with the rumors on Twitter, though, Johnny Marr quickly denied the report.

The guitarist’s official site posted this message: “When asked this morning, Johnny’s response to the rumour was: ‘Once again the rumours of a Smiths reunion are untrue. It’s not happening.’” Earlier this morning, Marr had a little fun with the trending Twitter buzz, tweeting, “Hey Everybody !! Amazing news !….My amp is fixed ! Johnny.”

The original report stated, “This announcement comes after a source revealed that the 80s icons had been in talks to perform with a well-known promoter. The decision was said to have been made after fellow Mancunians, The Stone Roses, gave in and reformed.”

Yet other media were quick to discount the rumors, with the NME reporting, “However, a highly-placed source in Britain’s live music industry, along with others close to the band, denied the rumours when contacted by NME.”







  1. old rumors…I’ve heard this one plenty of times, but seriously though, I’ve never taken them for real, is obvious that Mozz and Marr hate each others guts. Their egos are way to big …

  2. Johnny Marr never struck me as very egotistical, he’s a fairly normal guy and a superb guitarist. Morrissey on the other hand is one of the biggest twats around and wouldnt have even made it without Marr.

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