MBV Watch, Reissues — April 27, 2012 at 11:29 pm

My Bloody Valentine releases possible photographic evidence of alleged reissues

Not surprisingly, last month’s announcement by Sony Music that the long-delayed, little-believed reissues of My Bloody Valentine’s two albums — 1988′s Isn’t Anything and 1991′s Loveless — are finally to be released May 7 in the U.K., alongside a new compilation of the band’s EPs, was greeted with a fair bit of skepticism.

With those reissues now due out in a little more than a week, Sony today offered up the first photographic evidence of their existence, posting photos of the what purports to be the packaging of the two reissues and the new EPs 1988-1991 compilation on the band’s Facebook page.

We’ve reproduced those photos here for your examination, with the full disclaimer that these could be fake mock-ups or, worse, actual releases that will mysteriously be pulled form the release schedule sometime over the next week. Or there’s the most far-fetched possibility of all: The My Bloody Valentine reissues may actually be coming out in 10 days.

Only time will tell.








  1. Ecstasy & Wine reissue would be welcome in some arrangement with earlier recordings.

  2. Who buys cds any more? Where are the vinyl re-issues?

    • jazzmaster

      My sentiments exactly.

    • Batshiz Crazay

      Who buys vinyl anymore? Oh yeah, hipsters.

      • “Who buys vinyl anymore? Oh yeah, hipsters.” Not true. There’s something about vinyl that feels better. It’s more of an experience and the sleeves become more like a piece of art. CD’s are more of a disposable nature and feel too detached. Plus records sound warmer.

  3. One of the most overhyped bands of the last thirty years aside from The La’s. I don’t understand why this group has the status it does thus making this story such a long running drama.

    • Way off the mark. MBV created a whole genre of music that did not exist prior to their later releases. Their influence on the last two decades of music is on par with The Velvets in the 60’s through early 80’s. This is easy to overlook since they have been so completely absorbed into our musical landscape. There are labels filled to the brims with knock off hipster bands trying to capture the essence of this monumental act. They still haven’t been touched and the anticipation behind these releases is a testament to that. MBV are in a class of their own.

  4. I’ll believe it when they are in my five disc changer…

  5. Looks nice. But forget the UK/Europe; when will these get an American release????
    Although I would LOVE to have these, I don’t want to pay inflated import prices. So c’mon Sony,release these sometime-anytime- in the USA!

  6. NEW OLD TRACK! http://pitchfork.com/news/46345-listen-to-an-unreleased-my-bloody-valentine-track-check-out-what-the-reissues-look-like/

    I buy CD’s, I buy vinyl, whatever, as long as it’s not a digital file- I avoid those.

  7. I’ve just had a confirmation that my copies have been shipped so looks like it is actually happening!

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