MBV Watch — May 8, 2012 at 9:44 am

My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Loveless’ reissue: Are the 2 remastered discs mislabeled?

You can’t accuse Sony Music of rushing out the new My Bloody Valentine reissues: The just-released 2-disc version of Loveless and its predecessor, Isn’t Anything, were set for release in 2008, and even sent to reviewers. But now that they’re finally out, the Analog Loyalist who runs the Power of Independent Trucking blog says there’s a packaging foul-up with Loveless: the two discs, featuring separate masterings of the 1991 album, are reversed.

According to his analysis of the new discs and comparisons to the leaked 2008 versions and the original Creation Records CD, the Loyalist has concluded that Disc 1, labeled as being the version remastered from the original tape (i.e., the same source as the original CD release) is actually the new version mastered by bandleader/sonic mastermind Kevin Shields from the original half-inch analog tapes, which is supposed to be on Disc 2. And vice versa.

It’s unclear, of course, whether this a problem with the full pressing, or just some of the discs. We’ve reached out to representatives from Sony Music and the band’s publicist for confirmation and, if true, whether any recall or replacement plans are on tap.

In the meantime, read the full analysis at the Power of Independent Trucking.







  1. Read this:

    then apologize for your constant mocking

    • OR, read more about the glitches that were left unfixed since those 2008 review copies and continue mocking

  2. The glitches seem to be the “sacrificial lambs” Shields mentions. Which is kind of baffling given his notoriously fastidious approach.

  3. Analog Loyalist

    The sacrificial lamb is minute limiting on Soon in the digital master. It’s the only track that peaks at 0dBfs on that one.

  4. Miles_Standish_Proud

    There’s a difference between digital limiting and a major glitch in the recording. Somehow, I don’t think the PIT would get the two confused. Especially since the glitch is only in the analog remaster version.

    This issue would be perfect for the former Ice Magazine’s CD Watchdog column. I miss that mag.

  5. this is highly disappointing, and i probably won’t be purchasing the Loveless reissue unless it gets fixed. not like they didn’t have enough time to get it perfect!

    it’s reminiscent of those awful New Order reissues from a few years back; they were positively filled with errors! crazy.

    • Yep, totally agree. Hopefully these reissues will be be released in the US in the next few months, with all of the errors corrected.

  6. el datsun

    If anyone thinks that Sony are going to throw all that money away and then pay more to have an alleged glitch fixed is dreaming. Take a look at the Stooges 1st LP re-issue where Rhino mastered disk two at the wrong speed and then calmly put their head in the ground until the (mini) storm blew over.. It’s like a few gnats biting Galactus on the big toe.

    • Let’s not forget the New Order Deluxe Editions that were remastered from vinyl sources – complete with skips and pops. It was well documented on the NO forums and Rhino corrected this within a year and issued replacements through a hotline email.

  7. Any word on a possible US release, or am I just going to have to bite the bullet and buy imports?

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