Video — May 14, 2012 at 6:56 am

Video: Public Image Ltd., ‘One Drop’ — lead single off upcoming ‘This Is PiL’

In two weeks, Public Image Ltd. will release This Is PiL, the reconstituted group’s first new album in 20 years — but in advance of that, you can check out John Lydon and Co.’s new music video for “One Drop,” the album’s lead single and title track of the One Drop EP, available now on vinyl and as a digital download. The full 16-track album is due out May 28 in the U.K. and May 29 in the U.S.






  1. Really like this!

  2. I like John Lydon and PIL but this is truly forgettable.

  3. “One Drop” and “I Must Be Dreaming” sound great. Nothing earth shattering or ground breaking, but not too bad for a band that’s been away for 20 years. “The Room I Am In” is a dull spoken word throw-away, and “Lollipop Opera” is just flat out awful… Hopefully the album has more of the good stuff than the bad.

  4. I really like it. It may be simple and repetitive, but even if you’re not a fan, you’ve got to admit that it’s miles ahead of Don’t Ask Me…

  5. Ah thee cotswolds where we get butter from (or do we? I don’t eat the stuff – bad pancreas, too much booze). Great music in some respects but that picture of the chair in the acoustically silent room disturbed me – as does the idea of auto-rythm snapping and the dehumanization of music (particularly voice and drums) ambient sounds are what make good music, proper reggae didn’t require total seperation, just a groove and make do and invention – please don’t lose sight of that just coz cash buys comfort. Stupid that wobble wardle hustled for more money, but wouldn’t you? roots – ok, but aint seen ya in finsbury much (and i didn’t go to the pistols reunion although i wish i had just for sliver machine). I have a lot of respect for Lydon… keep it honest sunshine, we can smell bullshit – i dont are if you want to make a few bob but let’s not dress it up – the units will buy it anyway. Van Gogh you aint, Lydon you are – great shark impressions…. need some slide, done’t samle, pay me a fair sum job done. xxx

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