Video — May 15, 2012 at 7:57 am

Video: Depeche Mode’s 26-minute ‘Songs of Faith and Devotion’ promo reel from 1993

As part of the label’s new From the Vaults web series on The Warner Sound channel on YouTube, the folks at Warner Bros. have dug up what they are billing as a previously unreleased, 26-minute Depeche Mode promotional documentary put together to promote the release of 1993’s Songs of Faith and Devotion.

Entitled “A Conversation with Mr. Gambaccini,” the two-part doc — which can be seen via the videos posted above — features radio DJ Paul Gambaccini interviewing DM’s Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Andrew Fletcher and Alan Wilder about the then-new album and more.







  1. Tom Nagle

    Ah, good old record company bluster! Hasn’t this already been put out on the 86>98 promo videos DVD collection?

  2. Maybe unreleased commercially, but this video made the rounds back when the album was out. God I hated this version of DM…

  3. This is the SOFAD Electronic Press Kit (EPK). It’s on the Videos 86>98 2DVD Set.

  4. As a hardcore DM fan that thinks SOFAD is actually their best album….i kinda agree with fxc, they were a pitiful sight back then, especially Gahan, he acted like a right prat.

  5. I love this album, but can’t STAND to watch Dave in this state. yikes.

  6. My God you can see, and hear, how miserable WIdler was.

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